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In LIFE by Rodrigo ReijersLeave a Comment

The tendency to take life for granted is an obstacle not only for spiritual practice, but actually stands in the way of being happy in our situation right now. We think life is no big deal, we do it everyday, and everybody is doing it, and the fact that we will surely die is taboo, we don’t think about, we don’t talk about it. But our life actually is a big deal, it could end any moment. When we look at the great miracle of creation; the wonders of the earth, our own human body and the sacred mystery of the universe around us and within us, we can not help but being inspired and feeling blessed to be part of it.

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In VISUAL ART by Lars KraemmerLeave a Comment

Imagine a world in which everyone can make their own money. All bills are 18 x 12 cm. You can use it as real money to buy food. In fact, Artmoney was invented in 1997 as an art project aiming at cleaning up the filthy path of real money with the broom of art. The utopian hope was to create a platform, where all people are worth the same, and anyone could make their own money gain freedom from financial slavery.

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In ACTIVISM by José M. Tirado2 Comments

The lack of what might be called, as Jung suggested, soul connectedness, to the deeper aspects of our interior world, has become replaced instead with endless distraction and continuous, immediate, bombastic stimulation, and it is exhausting. We are not only constantly struggling with what assaults us daily, by the minute, in fact, but, instead of seeking out another with whom to commiserate, or a field of others to simply enjoy some real human connectedness, we are now trained to seek further stimulation and excitement, only to find it as empty of substance and dry of human touch.

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In INSIGHTS by Sonia Gomes7 Comments

Every day we see people hiding their true feelings and living to fit in with external demands. People bury what really matters to them, their deepest values ​​in exchange for meeting the expectations of others, to be accepted and to feel superior in some way. So they miss the core of life: creating authentic and true connections.

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In GRACEFUL LIVING by Kathrine Elizabeth Lorena JohanssonLeave a Comment

While working with techniques to release sexual energies in a healing manner, it is important to support this work with a healthy diet. The first step towards a healthy diet is not just the choice of what to eat, or to follow particular instructions from different health experts. It is actually to make oneself aware that the unfortunate condition of today’s society is that the primary goal of big businesses is to create profit. This means that food companies do not primarily focus upon the benefits of their products on the human body. They focus upon ways in which they can make people buy their products, and continue to buy their product, no matter if they are healthy or not.

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In FICTION by Martin Fernandez CufreLeave a Comment

Know this labyrinth, Friend. Know this dream. Know its luminous, transparent, liquid, holographic nature. Gnothe seauton, know thyself, as the Greek formula went, and know the dream. Feel its texture, for nowhere is its nature and mystery revealed but in the electricity of its experience. Feel the rainbow in whatever color or shape you see, whatever sound, texture, taste, smell. Whatever emotion, whatever thought, even sadness and pain.

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In INSIGHTS by Seema6 Comments

In this modern society, we try very hard to avoid being alone with ourselves, and when we have free time we fill it with texting or social media. We are so scared to face our neurosis. Practice is a training so we are more and more comfortable in our own company. It starts when we sit down on our butts to do practice the first time.