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In WRITERS by Raman Radha0 Comments

God of Death: Now let’s discuss what it means to die. Understand the workings of this organism. Imagine you were brought up in an environment where you were not taught any alphabet or words. You had just this working mind, which is inbuilt in every creature for its survival. That working mind does not think in terms of words or sentences. Its working are entirely based upon electrical impulses produced by light, sound, touch, taste and smell, striking the sensors of the sense organs, which send impulses to reach the brain.

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In TANTRIC POETRY by Douglas J. Penick2 Comments

Show us the way through the realms of life and death. Show what does not change in the endless sea of change. And while time remains, live in our hearts as the light of our true being. Penetrating the darkness of painful illusion, show the dawn of Vajrasattva, the luminous bridge through the six realms and three times. Show us the path within the human heart to the Kingdom of Shambhala here and now.

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In WRITERS by Sonia Gomes5 Comments

Have you ever wondered why sometimes in a very bad situation, we can be well and in other times, even in perfect times, we find ourselves in a state of emotional boredom or stress?
–Sonia Gomes

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In MONICA'S COLUMN by Monica Thunder0 Comments

I currently study at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute, an international shedra study program within the walls of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Kathmandu. Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, the abbot of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling, invites all the shedra students to attend teachings, retreats, empowerments and drubchens, free of entrance requirements and mostly free of charge.

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In INSIGHTS by Tobin Shenpen Rangdrol0 Comments

All that is subject to arising is subject to ceasing. All things that are conglomerations of the five elements, of earth, air, fire, water, and space; All things that are the phenomena of consciousness, thought, emotion, concept, interpretation, understanding, and misunderstanding; Even consciousness itself arises and then ceases. In this way, everything is the same.

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In TRUE BOOKS by Erik Pema Kunsang12 Comments

The Tibetan master Gampopa is famous for being the foremost student of Milarepa, the great yogi. He is unique in that he fused and combined the practice of mind training, which many of you know from the Dalai Lama’s lectures, with realization of the nature of mind. His writing style is very much down to earth, advice for simple living and easy to understand guidelines for making sure that we are on the right track. Some of his advice takes form of small handy lists to memorize, ponder and measure oneself against. 

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In TRUE BOOKS by Ken Holmes0 Comments

This is Part Three and the end, which concludes The Lotus-Garden, the wonderful story of the previous lives of His Holiness the XVIth Gyalwang Karmapa as Dzalendara and Sun Moon. This wonderful story of Dzalendara is the precious nectar flowing from the lips of His Holiness the XVIth Karmapa, who told this story of his previous lives without any distortion or falsity. When he told the story, he made the wish that it may be the cause for reaching buddhahood for all those who read it, not only for those who feel faith and devotion but also for those who feel dislike or disbelief.

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In POETRY by Sonja-Maria Teufel-Schmarsli6 Comments

Since the beginning of all time until the end of all time there lives a ruler of a vast kingdom between myriads of interstellar clouds and within each single sentient being. May this timeless king of ancient lineage born in the foam of a colorful- iridescent sea of arising stardust remember his royal descent. May he wake up to the holistic realization of his eternally pulsating universe of body, speech and mind within an ocean of nourishing light for the benefit of all living beings as there are as many as shooting stars in a meteor stream.

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In STORYTELLING by Rick Maddox0 Comments

Selections from Remembering Eternity, by author Rick Maddox:
He felt that he had been dissolved as a discrete entity but had, in an incomparably advantageous exchange, been reconstituted as the vital center of everything. Ego had nothing to do with this conception; on the contrary, the change allowed Skylar to see, in a profound way, that not only were all people and things in the universe interconnected, but that they all depended on one another.