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If, like a peacock, you are able to transform poison to beautiful colors, there is no need to detox. Otherwise, here are 16 great ways to free your body and system from toxins in simple ways, while having fun at the same time. Through meditation, you can transform even toxic states of mind into the splendid colors of kindness, intelligence, compassion, strength, and the full power of creative mind.

As we absorb nutrition and toxins, we also record a variety of sense impressions and influences, and they have to be digested as well. Usually, too much nerve and sensory input overloads the subtle nerve system and we feel stressed. It is an individual matter how much sensory input a human being can digest daily.

Many of today’s foods contain various fillers and toxins which can pollute the body and mind, and it is especially the digestive tract, liver and kidneys that struggle to discard them. Since the liver and kidneys are our main detoxification organs, they often end up working overtime, possibly resulting in headaches, muscle and joint pain, facial pallor or discoloration, body odor, heaviness – and the list goes on and on. Mentally, you may feel unclear, uninspired, stressed, nervous, and uptight, missing the spark of life.

This is why we present a collection of 16 methods with which to transform physical and mental health. For those of you who like to delve into these subjects, there are links to articles on each of the methods for purification and transformation. This life is so precious. We must learn to be like a peacock, so we can transform poison into beauty and splendor.

Look into the sky, letting go while full of love. That is the best detox and transformation of all.

We hope that you will test them and, once you have approved them, share them with others. The list could be much longer, but these are the main methods, seen from where we are, right now. May you have a long and healthy life.
In random order:

  1. Freeing lives: Based on the interconnectedness of all things, buying and releasing animals destined to be slaughtered and eaten creates a surplus of life energy in your subtle system and can even add years to your life.
  2. Pranayama: The timeless art of breath control and regulation can bring balance to the subtle body and, thereby, to the vital organs. It can cure and prevent diseases, increase vitality and give long life.
  3. Swedish bitters: A very old recipe of healing herbs which can take away strong pain and heal physical problems. It’s taken either as tonic or ointment to cure and prevent almost all diseases.
  4. Healing: Using love, subtle energies, light, and willpower to cure diseases and restore health, from near or far away.
  5. Will and Motivation: To cure yourself, you must be inspired and have the will to live. In realistic ways, motivate yourself to use every precious moment on something meaningful and worthwhile.
  6. Meditation: A simple way of re-aligning yourself with your basic state of being: kindness and a carefree state of mind.
  7. Homeopathy: Drops of water or tiny glucose pills, containing only the vibrations of particular substances, which to affect and cure your system, restoring health. A skilled and experienced homeopath is essential if you are very sick.
  8. Urine Therapy: Drinking a little portion of your own second passing of urine in the morning can relieve physical imbalance and restore perfect health.
  9. Ayurveda, Precious Pills and Amrita: The ancient system of rejuvenation from the Buddha and Vedic saints, using herbs, minerals and blessings from awakened people to cure sometimes terminal diseases. They are also beneficial in preparing the mind for a peaceful passage.
  10. Clean, Healthy Food: Organic, fresh, locally grown, without poisons and pesticides. This is the foundation for living in a healthy body, following the principle of make now, eat now.
  11. Mantra Songs: A beautiful way to uplift your spirit with sacred tones and melodies that change your molecular vibration and your state of mind into being more calm, kind and clear.
  12. Yoga: The awareness of your natural way of being. To get closer to that, you can use attitude, posture, breath, sound, movement, and visualization.
  13. THC & CBD: The oils of this ancient somaraja plant, known from Indian and Chinese medicine through many thousand years, is used to cure diseases and alleviate pain.
  14. Massage: The touch of a skilled and kind hand can release tension connected to physical and psychological trauma, unlock toxins, and promote better health and vigor. It can even prolong life.
  15. Cell Salt, Vitamins and other Power Foods: Most fruits and vegetables are grown as large-scale farming in depleted soil, with only a few minerals added via chemical fertilizers. Therefore, we need to make sure that we get everything the body needs.
  16. The Gerson Diet: A radical therapy, especially for people with no other hope. It’s the quickest way to detox and restore the proper workings of all the inner organs. It has cured many people who suffered from even an advanced state of cancer.

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