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Ti Campbell-Allen

In by Erik Pema Kunsang

I’m an artist and paint solely on ahimsa silk. I have had a Tibetan Buddhist influence since childhood which has …

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In SPIRITUAL ARTISANS by Sunara BegumLeave a Comment

When creativity comes to us, knocks hard at our door, we can’t ignore it, we have to listen, we have to let go of what we are doing and submit in that precise moment, if not it will follow us, and continue to. We do not choose an idea, more often it chooses us and we have to manifest the idea, or be in pursuit of it.

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In ART by Tilly2 Comments

The root is what connects us to this beautiful earth that we are part of. We are born of the organic matter of the universe and physically recycled at this frequency until such a time that we have evolved enough to move beyond known reality.