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“You have nothing to threaten me with, with all your strength.” – Heath Ledger as Joker

A great fiery pit,
Ostracized by society,
Broke or in jail,
Alone forever,
A lost friendship,
A hurt family member or all of them,
The realization that our dreams were always a fantasy and not a potential reality,

Whatever it might be,
Rules us like a Lord from on high,
What if I say this?
What will happen if I do that?
Where will I go?

Cowards living in the shadows of the lives that we could live,
Because we don’t have the courage to do the right thing in the right moment
Even when we know what that is,

“Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos.” – Heath Ledger as Joker

And we shrink,
And our worlds shrink as the endless bindings of the world cascade
around us,
Until our FEAR makes it so we cannot move or think,
Without a secret alarm triggering and our fragile realities crumbling.

In the dark,
By rules and fear,

“The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules.” – Heath Ledger as Joker

Violence such a powerful word,
So ugly, So powerful, So deadly, So necessary,
Birth, Sex, Death, Quitting, Divorce, Invention, Creation, Dedication, Determination,
Competition and Freedom
All are bred from the same womb of
A need to break/transcend bonds rather than be bound by them,

When? How? What?

Freedom lies on the other side of looking your worst enemy in the face:
Your fear.
Your lies to yourself.
Your nightmares.

But there is never a two.
Because you will never meet another.
All you can ever see is another you.
All there ever is to fear is … you.

About the Author
John Edwards

John Edwards

John Edwards is a volunteer for the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation, lawyer, lifelong fan of curiosities of all sorts.

The photo is of Dr. Dre, one of the most famous rappers of the 20th century who also built a 2 billion dollar business making headphones and sold it to Apple. The picture was taken after he went through a dark period after his son died.
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    Thanks for sharing this poem, I enjoyed reading it.

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