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The sun was setting and the skies lit in red. We did not know where we were going but the journey had already begun. Myriads of thoughts emerged from my consciousness, appearing and dissolving by themselves and in the wake of my thoughts, I felt my body relaxing, tensing, waves of hot and cold, cramps and release. Deep grouching from underneath us, inviting all up what needed to be released. The skies changed and a deep green color was above us. I gave more, danced, and let it all out. I opened my mind and she appeared before me. She spoke through sounds, through sensations, through imagination and memories, through colors and forms. She spoke from deep within me.

“Look at the night sky. There is a light that beams with sweetness. That is me, my body. Venus the star is my body. I live in the sky above you so you can always see me. Don’t wait too long before you call me. Call me now, call me with your love, child of earth and listen to my story.

I want to tell you some secrets but first I want to tell you that I love you. Each and every one of you. You are beautiful, so resilient, and so true. Now you must remember how to live with nature. Nature is what gives us life. Now you must rise to be warriors of truth. Show everyone how to live in harmony with the elements, with nature, with your earth. Cherish each other, you all have different minds, faces and bodies so you can go to different places to teach and learn. Remember the love. That is most important.

Child of earth. I will tell you who I am.

I am a goddess, I have a female form but my essence is beyond form. I am peaceful but also wrathful because I play with everything. I must go into all places to pour life there. You will find me in the grass, the flowers, the trees, all the green is my shine. That is why I love earth so much. It resembles my perfect garden where life is crawling, sprouting, vibrantly blossoming and changing. I protect all of nature. I am creativity, growth and beauty. I am the life force flowing through your bodies.

I rule over the element air and you can enter my realm through your imagination. The power of your imagination can lead you to me, just as it has led you to me now and many times before. The winds are my guardians, emperors of the sky. They are wild, they are ferocious, and they are beautiful, strong and gentle. They used to play a lot in the sky in ancient times.

Now they are fighting to keep it all from going into chaos. They eat up the smoke of your pollution. They have so much work to do, upholding the balance of earth. My retinue are the fairies, gnomes, pixies, elves, trolls, natures beloved protectors and helpers, they are still here, remember them. They are your friends, they want to be acknowledged by you, please don’t forget to thank them for their presence. They hide now in the veils of your world and the spirit world. Go there sometimes and dance with them, they love to play, sing and dance, but don’t stay too long, their world is not like yours, you cannot stay there.

Now we go deeper. We go deeper because I will tell you how to heal yourself. Go deeper into your inner landscape. Look into the dark pupil of my eye. It will show you your jealousy, your failures, all your feelings of envy, your feelings of inadequacy becomes so clear, so visible. I let my green snakes loose and they slither into your eyes. They create fear and paranoia and you want to escape. Your body trembles, you crumble, you lower your head in shame. Do not be afraid of your emotions. They are like beautiful dragons of the green night sky. Ride them, feel their power. If you are not afraid, you can use their power. You are not meant to be afraid of the dragons, you are meant to fly with them. If you don’t, you will be weak, you will not grow, your creativity will not be free, you will not accomplish, you will not be a winner. You will be a loser. The thing you are afraid if, the very poison that makes you tremble with fear; that is your saviouress. I am that. I am the saviouress. Drink the poison and it becomes nectar. Child of earth, I give you the power to realize me. By that, you can heal yourself and others, by drinking the poison of your own emotions you will be free to dance.”

I drank the poison. I danced on the edge of fear and relaxation, welcomed the dragons of my mind with openness and kindness, they became a force of power and the whole display was suddenly beyond any concepts of good or bad, I just recognized their inherent power and strength which took away all my fear. The dark green sky above me seemed to glow with a mysterious light. How wondrous!

My garden is a world of lush emerald green
With fairies, elves and beauty unseen
In the soft glow of the morning sun I am dressed in rainbow light
In the never-ending darkness, I am wild, riding dragons of the night
I conjure the dreams of travelers in the pond of insight
Assuring them, there is no need to hide
The shadow of my love is not to fear
Two roads become one when the eye is clear
I am free
Come and sit with me

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Sascha Alexandra Aurora

Sascha Alexandra Aurora

Sascha Alexandra Aurora is educated in aesthetic communication and linguistics. A singer and songwriter, she loves people, life, creativity and traveling. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Photo by Pezibear.
Photo of dragon by Josch13.
Drawings by
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

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    I have ridden the Dragon! Danced , laughed, cried, It was beautiful! I froze….I melted in the heat…I gently felt the whisper of the air, carefully taking up to dance !
    Rohatsu Sesshin. 07.12.2018.

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    Beautiful…the ability to make all life feel like a fairy-tale. We need soo much more of this. To be taught to see beauty in all its shapes and forms…

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    Wow …
    Magnificent. 🙂
    Thank you!

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