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May this Saga Dawa find you in excellent health and spirits. Here we are in the middle of our 11th annual Rimay Monlam, held simultaneously and shared online in a few places in North America and Europe. This year’s program is dedicated to the Rimay Master, my teacher Orgyen Kusum Lingpa.  One of the videos we produced is a song I arranged, performed, wrote the lyrics for, and had excellent musicians supporting me to make it sound better.  It is based on an old melody/song from Van Morrison called Crazy Love. I’m happy to share it with all dharma friends on Levekunst. The entire CD from which it is drawn, Guru Chants and mantras in the Tibetan Tradition, is available from our website and digitally in all the usual places.

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Tulku Sherab Dorje

Tulku Sherab Dorje

Tulku Sherdor is either a ranking reincarnate Lama or a rank imposter, depending upon whom you ask and what day it is. He lives in an endless display of pure and impure phenomena, with many recurring patterns. He spends a lot of time wishing and struggling to become just like the precious Lamas he studied with and admires greatly, who used to be more plentiful, and nowadays seem more scarce.

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