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It is time to evoke the love that was concealed
in the rust of wrath, hatred and the fear you created,
for I see beauty in every heart that beats
and every mind that thinks.

Just open your eyes wider and try to see what I see,
there you will see green, you will see flowers,
the birds and everything so beautiful
and that is not a dream.

You wander a while in the midst of woods
and lean on the grasses so green,
see the sky so blue and hear the sound you have long forgotten,
the chattering of birds, the buzz of bees and the gentle blow of wind.

It is the world you came into, the world you saw with the vision
of innocence and purity, fading away with time so cruel.
The world you left behind to accept the paths
made of mischief, lies and heartlessness.
About the Author
Dawa Dhundup

Dawa Dhundup

I am student from Darjeeling, India, very fond of photography, poetry and adventures. Finished bachelor degree and continuing masters. Life is simple, for I think that way. Religion is more simple for me - practice compassion, stay true to your heart and never forget that the greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said.

Photos by Juan Fernando Yeckle, Peru.

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