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Concerning the aerodynamics of rebirth
now swept away, now toward
here to learn about currents
world here, world there,
waves of life, tides in and out
waves rise within;
from deepest matter to heaven’s spirit,
waves crest in the crown of creation
point of light, point of entry
the high border of the vertical plane
stretching from matter to spirit
everything a blend of such purity
an original point from which all descends
from which all flows down
bright light, amber borders
flowing bolts like angel cloth
and thunder
like streams of rippling light
glistening torrents
untied and undone, so lovely
streaming out
like endless prayer flags
clothe and unclothe the beauty
rebirthlight, rising heat weaves
reverberant glow around a body of life
to you, cleaerest fire, a whole life is offered.Dancing Clouds
The transcendent qualities appear
in relation to oneself:
gone beyond
spirit leaves burning body and rishes
like a prayer to the whole sky
Near death experiences
near life experiences
all feels near now
all is near
life and death are talking quietly together
like old friends at a corner table
oblivious to the general din
they don’t talk about us
but of some other ebb and flow
in a forgotten language we’ve heard somewhere
there is some tugging and pulling
but mostly an easy give and take
along this newly opened border
no tensions remain
everyone has met
sometimes we can see the passage
and live the time it takes to cross
in this kind of intensity
listening goes much deeper.

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David Hykes

David Hykes


Composer, singer, film composer, speaker, seminar and retreat leader, visual and digital media artist, founder of Harmonic Chant and the Harmonic Presence work. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author. David's Harmonic Presence website.

Photos of prayerflags and dancing dakini clouds, by Erik Pema Kunsang.

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