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Yes, despite all your doubts,
All your fear,
All your excitement,
Your donkey will be disappointed.
Because your song,
Be it sadness, confusing,
Hurtful, escape, avoidance,
All the tears of the universe,
Signed by your virtual name,
It’s all harmonics in the Song.
The Ode of Love and Laughter.
That can be Tragedie or Comedie
Depending on the tilting of your head.

“You” are not more important than the lute,
As “you” tend to misunderstand “yourself”.
Your deepest fear, sadness, hope,
Those that you still have to recognize,
Are harmonic progressions in the One Song,
The game of swirly rainbow musiclight
That any protest or noise in your mind is made of.
Any name, any forgetfulness,
Any drama of whatever tone,
Is a variation of the Rainbow Song.

Do you see the invitation and caress in this?
Do you see how your every fiction,
Your insistence on “me, me, mine”
Is but a variation of the ubiquitous tune?

There is no avoiding it,
Nothing has ever been lost,
But do you recognize the Love
Burning in every zero-event?

All atoms are the center of the cosmic magic mandala,
Can your heart hear this, Friend,
And feel the warmth of all life?
Without your ghost mind
Injecting spiritual lies?

Each and every note of your life
Is already an aspect of That,
Which knowingly or not,
You’ve been longing for since afar.

Just feel the music in silence,
Or in Joyful mesmerizings,
Partaking of laughter and touch.
Feel the reminder that this wanderer
Has come to sing in your Heart.

Yes, your name is already the Name,
Your hope, fear and love IS already
The One Greatest, ongoing,
Reverberating, explosion of Love.

We are “Him”, dear Friend!
Come join this wandering Lover
In anything you do.

Each thing, a temple,
Each word, a prayer,
Each Brother or Sister,
A God/dess in shine.

About the Author
Martin Fernandez Cufre

Martin Fernandez Cufre


I don't know what I am, beyond a curious human with a life-long thirst for the ubiquitous mystery and awakened multidimensionality and desire for creative expression. My main amplificatory vector into this mystery is Dzogchen via Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, with great influence by Keith Dowman and other great teachers and visionaries of this dreamlike liquid matrix of light. I studied and dabbled in maybe too many things to mention, but to mention some: Hermetic Kabbalah, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Jungian and Gestalt Psychology, computers, music, poetry, dance, painting, philosophy, martial arts. I make my living through translation, recently developing an aspiration for Tibetan and assisting Keith Dowman in translating and publishing into Spanish (my Spanish rendering of Dowman's translation of Longchenpa's Treasury of the Dharmadhatu, "Espaciosidad", has just been published through Amazon). I love fringe areas, gadgets, fire and cats. Which is probably more than enough. I was born in Argentina but recently have been residing and/or traveling in/through Mexico, USA, Russia, Italy, Tenerife and the world.

Photo by Gerd Altmann, Germany.

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