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During 2003-2005, while a student at Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Kathmandu, I managed to take an impressive amount of photos from Nepal, India and Tibet. The photos you see are stills made on black and white film. They are from a trip to China and Tibet. I was just travelling from monastery to monastery, from one holy place to another. In between I loved hanging out with nomad families.

Traveling to some places wasn’t easy, because you often need bureaucratic permission, but being alone gave some advantages. I could sneak into places unnoticed. This is how I managed to get into Larung Gar: in a coffer under a blanket. I stayed there for two days. I also participated in a real Tibetan style pilgrimage from Amdo to Lhasa. It was an unforgettable experience, but more about that another time. The presented pictures were taken in the locations of Chabcha, Achung Namdzong, Kumbum, Amdo, Labrang, Golok Dzuk and Larung Gar in Sertal.

03_AchungNamdzong 04_Sertha 05_Sertha 06_Sertha 07_Sertha 08_Kumbum 14_marketGolok 13_Ganden 11_Kumbum 10_Oseling 09_Kumbum 15_marketGolok 16_Sertha 17_Golok 18_portrait 20_portrait 26_marketGolok 25_Sertha 23_AchungNamdzong 22_portrait 27_marketGolok

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Magda Myjak

Magda Myjak


Photographer from Poland, since the 90's living in Berlin. Her main focus is portrait photography. Most of her free time (not so much left), she thinks habitually only about how to take a picture. As a mother of two kids she gladly takes pictures of kids, families and their pets, of course. Promoter of sling baby-wearing.

Photos © by Magda Myjak.

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    Just thought to mention that I really liked your Pictures..
    Brilliant amazing and beautiful

    Go on You

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    Amazing gift! Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope you’ll share more photographs soon–and the story of the pilgrimage! With much love from Boudhanath.

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