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Anika Tokarchuk is a Canadian independent film-maker now living in Wales. With a long standing love for cinema and exploring boundaries of creative expression, after graduating in both film and photography at the San Francisco Art Institute and the Banff Center in Canada, her passions led her to embark on many journeys of discovery, exploring multi-faceted interests crossing cultural and social boundaries.

Focused on themes of social, spiritual and creative fusion, Tokarchuk’s career has been involved in intra-cultural film and media projects for over 30 years. Experience includes experimental media and film in New York, intensive involvement in joint media programs with indigenous North American spiritual leaders, environmental issue projects, and more recently programs focusing on Tibetan Buddhist worldview.

Bill Karelis has been traveling the world, fascinated by the infinite variety of people and also the many cultures, since he was in his teens. He enjoys the artistic practices of poetry, calligraphy and photography, and lives with his wife, Brigitta, in Boulder, Colorado.
More on Bill’s <a href=””>A Place to Sit</a>.

I’ve spent most my adult life studying and practicing the Dharma under the compassionate guidance of Ven Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and Ven Gyatrul Rinpoche. I’ve been teaching more than twenty years and in my teaching I strive to communicate Tibetan Buddhism to modern westerners in a way that is meaningful and applicable to them without in any way altering or corrupting the purity of the tradition. I am married and live in southern Oregon in the US.
More about what I do can be found at

I am a writer/blogger, a world traveller, a mother and a volunteer currently living in Pointe Noire, Republic of the Congo.

I am a professional gardener based in London and have a specific interest in designing and  creating sanctuary gardens. I hope through my work to inspire a deeper communication with the land and with the beings, seen and unseen, that we share it with. I have a blog here   All my photos are freely available for downloading from my Flickr page  or here  and I can be contacted on Facebook

Traveler, explorer, author, poet, Dorje Phuntsok is a perpetual pilgrim in search of Padmasambhava. He sometimes takes other travelers with him, sometimes translates and sometimes writes.
instagram: @dorjephuntsok

I began practicing Qi Gong when I was 20. The practice was the door that opened the world of healing, movement, meditation and dance to me. I have been a painter, dancer, choreographer and teacher, but most of all, an adventurous person in finding the deepest potential within.
You can find my current projects here

Jason Espada is a writer and classical musician living in San Francisco; a steward of his father’s photography, and the founder of  These days his focus is on the connection between spirituality and social action.

Tulku Sherdor is either a ranking reincarnate Lama or a rank imposter, depending upon whom you ask and what day it is.  He lives in an endless display of pure and impure phenomena, with many recurring patterns.  He spends a lot of time wishing and struggling to become just like the precious Lamas he studied with and admires greatly, who used to be more plentiful, and nowadays seem more scarce.

Kaji is a poet. He loves to meditate in deep woods, dance around fire. He likes the bends, dramatic curves that wild in you, for love. He writes to celebrate oneness and shares the space within him in joy. He is from Kathmandu, rivers, stars, wind, wonders.

Malcolm Smith has been a student of the Great Perfection teachings since 1992. His main Dzogchen teachers are Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and the late Kunzang Dechen Lingpa. He is a veteran of a traditional three-year solitary Tibetan Buddhist retreat, a published translator of Tibetan Buddhist texts, and was awarded the Acharya degree by the Sakya Institute in 2004. He graduated in 2009 from Shang Shung Institute’s School of Tibetan Medicine. He has worked on translations for renowned lamas since 1992, including His Holiness Sakya Trizin, Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche, Kunzang Dechen Lingpa,  Khenpo Migmar Tseten, Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche, Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche and many others.

Monica Thunder studied creative writing and anthropology at UC Santa Cruz. She currently lives in Nepal. There, she enjoys eating irresponsible quantities of dal bhat and getting covered with dirt from cuddling with too many street dogs.

I Love everyone, I Love Life. I Love this planet. I Love the teachings of the Buddhas. I Love the path of Dzogchen.

I was fortunate to meet Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Chokling Rinpoche and Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche during Losar in 1995 in Kathmandu and Nagi Gompa, a blessing for which I still rejoice. I am a lay member of Rangjung Yeshe Gomde CA and support their vision of a forested retreat space and education center.  I live in Oceanside, CA, a General Contractor by trade and a photographer by calling.

Poet, healer, writer, editor, musician, artist, intuitive counselor, and creative spirit humbly sharing original, inspirational content with themes related to spirituality, unity, compassion, philosophy, kindness, dharma, meditation, inner light, mysticism, nature, wisdom, creativity and a holistic world view.
May all beings be blissful, peaceful and infused with loving kindness.

Romana Anna Nova has trained in many holistic healing and counseling modalities, but beginning with 2012, guided by her Soul, she began tapping into a deeper source of innate wisdom, and by 2013 while in the middle of several trainings everything else went out of the window. It was becoming clear that nothing but direct experience will do from now on. She currently offers guidance as a Soul mentor at

As an artist I have used light and technology to reveal the nature of glass as a medium for expressing solace as well as danger.  My glass research, as you will see on this web site, spans from the micro view, making photogram studies of life inside the bubbles, to the macro view, projecting video through architectural glass.  I use glass as a reflective and refractive canvas with techniques of projecting, slumping, scouring, painting, polishing, printing, breaking, and motorizing it. Almost ten years ago I returned to the studio from a trip to Dia Beacon, NY, energized by the unexpected impact of scale in the minimalist sculpture installed there, and driven to infuse my work with similar qualities. Ever since, I have been expanding my use of LED technology to construct light environments.

I don’t know what I am, looking like a human, behaving like an animal and think like a lunatic.

Timothy spent three years studying at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Kathmandu before serving as an oral interpreter and a written translator, presently for 84000 and Light of Berotsana. Though he now studies somatic psychology in the busy Bay Area metropolis, he is most at home in the dappled light of a Douglas Fir forest, in the deep quiet of the Oregon Cascades.

Tina M. Benson M.A., is a modern-day SoulWhisperer and Transpersonal/Jungian-Oriented Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach. She has over 35 years experience teaching, leading, and facilitating individuals, couples, large and small groups in the United States and abroad in consciousness explorations, chakra initiation/meditation retreats, couples and women’s retreats, ecstatic dancing, Voice Dialogue, Enneagram, chanting, ritual, and travel to sacred sites around the world.

She is the author of the internationally bestselling memoir, “A Woman Unto Herself: A Different Kind of Love Story,” and the internationally bestselling book of poetry, “Soulwhisperings: Erotic and Devotional Love Poems for an Outer or Inner Beloved.” She is the founder and creator of the SoulSpeaks Project, and creator of the short documentary film, “What Matters Most.”

Tina is also a non-denominational ordained minister, officiating at weddings, birth, death and other life-passages and celebrations. She lives and practices in Marin County, California. Website:

I’m an old householder yogi of the India/Rainbow trail. Student of Life and Lover of Truth. Since 2003 I have been a California State Licensed Acupuncturist and practiced Chinese Herbology.

Alejandro Serrano is a communicator, marketer and meditation instructor from Mexico City. In his spare time he writes at

A highly trained ballet dancer who attended the Royal School of Ballet in London. She is now studying in Switzerland and is especially drawn to the disciplines of mathematics and physics in shaping her understanding of the world.

Belle has been studying and practicing astrology privately and quietly for over 25 years and is coming out of the woods into the wide open field in 2017 because of a kind whisper. A long-time interest/practice in Dharma, artmaking, writing, prayer, retreat and Alexander Technique sustains and inspires her. Belle studied Creative Arts at University of Melbourne, Australia, and then spent several years training towards ordination as a Buddhist Nun. After nearly losing her life in retreat in a Thai Jungle Monastery, Belle returned to Melbourne, where she is now based.
In recent years, watercolor painting has been a sweet daily revelation. Dogs and seeing hot-air balloons in the sky never fail to delight her.
Belle is available for private skype astrological readings and counsel for anyone interested around the world.

Daniel Reid was born in 1948, in San Francisco, and spent his childhood in East Africa. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley in 1970, and a Masters of Arts degree in Chinese Language and Civilization at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 1973, Reid moved to Taiwan, where he spent 16 years studying and writing about various aspects of traditional Chinese culture, focusing particulaly on Chinese medicine and ancient Taoist health and longevity systems. In 1989, he relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he continued his research and writing until 1999, when he immigrated with his wife Snow to the Byron Bay region of Australia, where he now makes his home.
His published books include The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Complete Book of Chinese Health & Healing (Guarding the Three Treasures in British edition), Handbook of Chinese Healing Herbs, Complete Guide to Chi Gung, Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and The Tao of Detox: The Natural Way to Purify Your Body for Health & Longevity. He also translated the memoirs of the English writer John Blofeld’s life in China, published in 2007 by Inner Traditions as My Journey in Mystic China. His latest title is The Art & Alchemy of Chinese Tea. More information on Daniel’s work is available on his website.

Born in Australia in 1953. Headed to India in 1980 to find the teachings of Padmasambhava. Returned to Australia in 1996. Founded the Odiyana Buddhist Centre and Retreat in 2000 after Tulku Pema Wangyal suggested I should should make a retreat Centre here.
A very ordinary person with the good karma to be blessed by many great masters.

Composer, music producer, writer, coach for men and mindfulnessinstructor.
David’s website for music.

Irmi Aumeier

Living and working in Kassel, Germany as freelanced artist.

Jette Skriver

Jette Skriver lives in Denmark and is a multi-creative soul educated both as a Goldsmith, a Classical Guitarist and Unique Designer. She has been drawn towards the deep questions of life ever since she was little. For more information about her work as a goldsmith, you are welcome to visit her website.

Childcare worker at a Steiner Kinder garden, Buddhist, and student and lover of Natural Science.

Jiri Kral

Jiří Král is integrative body-mind psychotherapist, lecturer and dharma enthusiast.
His private practice in Brno, Czech Republic involves body-mind psychotherapy, contemporary psycho-spiritual approaches, counseling and lecturing. His main focus in in his work with individual clients is on presence, self-awareness, attention, embodiment and emotions experienced by the client as well as on finding life strategies, using the client’s creative resources, changing behavioral patterns, transpersonal and integral development. All of this is promoted in a setting of safety, trust and intimacy. Jiří’s passion in working with people is to help them discover their talents, core qualities and authenticity. He also leads regular sessions of Essence personal development therapeutic groups, and weekend workshops.

Kay, a simple retreat guy in the Himalayas with many ex- to his former busy life. Ex-athlete, ex-medical professional, ex-business man, or what I prefer, social beneficial service with income, and ex-other interests and skills which all seem to fade into the far distant past after so many years in retreat.
The dharma interest and wishing dharma wisdom to be accessible and truly applied in daily life
and sustainable structures for this purpose seems to be the remaining main interest .

A graduate of Naropa University’s M.A. Contemplative Psychology program, Kim Roberts has been a devoted student of Ashtanga yoga and Dharma since 1992. She spent 15 years living in South Asia and now makes her home in Crestone, Colorado, where she is finishing a memoir, Diary of a Pilgrim, and making encaustic art. Learn more at her website KimRoberts.Co  [] or Kim Roberts Art. []

About me – I am an author and speaker; I work with people to reconnect them with their natural state of creativity and inspiration. I am a long time spiritual practitioner, and have worked variously as a leadership consultant, a stand-up comedian and a coach. I currently live in the UK, where I am helping to bring up both my 7-month old boy child (Albert) and my 4-month old book child (Lazy Guru).

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Mikk Tamme

Formerly active in business and social change, over the last seven year, I have mostly learned of Buddhist Philosophy, tried meditating, and served the dharma in different ways. My main interest now is to figure out how to genuinely become a dharma practitioner in the modern world. You can learn more about my interests and connect through my Facebook profile.

As a licensed in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, I am dedicated to helping patients enjoy greater wellbeing. Passions: Buddhadharma, health and healing by living in harmony with the natural world, the science of peace, spontaneous expressions of the heart that come through poetry, dance, music, and visual arts.

Alma is a visual artist and architect with a M.A. in Psychology, as well as a Certified Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher and meditation instructor. In her artwork she likes to reflect conceptual simplicity. Inspired from her practice of meditation in eastern contemplative traditions. An art that represents, silence, space, awareness, simplicity, concentration, peace, mindfulness. Alma’s website.

Anja was born in Hamburg, educated in academia, groomed at top management consultancy McKinsey & Company, and nowadays gives advice to executives in business, NGOs, and the public sphere. She’s a long-term student of yoga and meditation, proud mother of a five-year old son, and author of the blog Bucketrides on leadership, sustainability, and all things human.

Barbara Paparazzo is a poet and practitioner from Conway, Massachusetts. She has published poetry in numerous literary journals as well as a chapbook about her journey to Bodhgaya, The Red Silk Scarf (Shivastan Press).

M.A. Leadership & Organizational Pshychology.
B. A. Journalism.
Indendent consultant since 2004 – transformative and strategic development of people, teams and organizations.
I help leaders and employees to success in the post-capitalist reality, we are in the process of co-creating in these stormy and wild times of change.
In collaboration with the client , I create transformative courses and workshops for leaders and employees to strengthen the organization’s skills in order to support the business strategy.
I believe in the transformative learning set free of the normal classroom teaching; that we need to reflect, feel and sense in order to reach genuine insights; that the development of leaders and employees should be strategic so that their development supports the business; and that successful leadership is about creating meaning and trust.
I am inspired by the desire to raise our awareness and strengthen our ability to govern ourselves and others and create purpose-driven, sustainable and resiliente organizations.
I investigate, researching, asking to engage me in debate about, writes about and teaches psychology, philosophy, society and development organizations to help managers and employees to think bigger and act for the benefit of both themselves and their surroundings.

Sculpting is my favorite passtime. Preparing to be a queen. The world would be a better place if people received proper sexual education.

Daniel Goleman is the New York Times bestselling author of the groundbreaking book Emotional Intelligence. A psychologist and a science journalist, he reported on brain and behavioral research for The New York Times for many years and has received many awards for his writing. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including three accounts of meetings he has moderated between the Dalai Lama and scientists, psychotherapists, and social activists. Goleman is a founding member of the board of the Mind and Life Institute, a co-founder of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, and co-director of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. Official website of Daniel Goleman.

Born in Australia in 1953. Headed to India in 1980 to find the teachings of Padmasambhava. Returned to Australia in 1996. Founded the Odiyana Buddhist Centre and Retreat in 2000 after Tulku Pema Wangyal suggested I should should make a retreat Centre here.
A very ordinary person with the good karma to be blessed by many great masters.

Composer, singer, film composer, speaker, seminar and retreat leader, visual and digital media artist, founder of Harmonic Chant and the Harmonic Presence work. Other LEVEKUNST articles  by the same author. David’s Harmonic Presence website.

A senior Vajrayana practitioner and student of many masters, especially Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who describes himself as “a redneck from texas hoping to fulfill my guru’s teachings before i die”.

I am student from Darjeeling, India, very fond of photography, poetry and adventures. Finished bachelor degree and continuing masters. Life is simple, for I think that way. Religion is more simple for me – practice compassion, stay true to your heart and never forget that the greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said.

A creative mystic, utterly in love with the more-than-human world, Deborah Anne Quibell’s (  life work revolves around the themes of love, imagination, enchantment, and soul. As a professional writer and doctoral candidate in Depth Psychology, Deborah relentlessly pursues the wisdom and language of the heart, which has led her to a deep and inevitable love affair with the poetic. Based in Amsterdam, she is a senior instructor of Pranic Healing for the Institute for Inner Studies in Holland and Scandinavia, and also teaches yoga and meditation in both studio and corporate environments. She can often be found with an americano in one hand and a green drink in the other.

Albert Einstein said, “Once you accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.” Doug “Ten” Rose has metaphorically worn stripes with plaid all his life. He has thirty years experience raising funds at street level for various causes, often while working under very adverse personal circumstances. He has invented and directed charity projects involving rock stars, pro sports teams, a governor, mayors, and senators. These projects raised awareness and large sums of money for others. Much of this was done while Tenzin remained homeless and panhandled for food money on the streets. His website is

He has recently written two amazing books, Fearless Puppy on American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense. True to Ten’s form, all author profits from these books will be donated to sponsor Wisdom Professionals (beginning with but not exclusive to Tibetan Nuns and Monks).  Ten is a graduate of heroin addiction and death, as well as thirty-five years and over a hundred thousand miles of travel without ever driving a car, having a bank account, telephone, or a bill in his name. He may be the most comedic smartass as well as one of the most entertaining survivors of the hitchhiking adventurers that used to cover America’s highways. The term “crazy wisdom” is often used, but rarely meets its match the way it does in this author. Ten Rose and his work are a vibrant part of the present and future as well as an essential remnant of a vanishing breed.

An old Danish Buddhist, took refuge 42 years ago, worked as journalist most of my life, wrote around 15 books, fathered four children in two marriages, left work and wife 8 years ago, took master degree in science of religion 2014 with a thesis on common ground of Martin Heidegger and Kunkhyen Longchenpa. Some of my academic work.

Erik Pema Kunsang

Translator of ancient Buddhist scriptures, author, bridge-builder to modern life, Buddhist teacher & meditation instructor. Board of director at 84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha. Founder of Rangjung Yeshe Publications and LEVEKUNST art of life. Erik’s website & retreats.

I’m a seeker, open minded, on fire. Searching for “I”, my keywords are non-duality, every thing being impermanent, self-inquiry. I could also say my keywords are love, trust and compassion. I am deluded, can’t see clear, need guiding, teaching and discipline.

Fiona Rose, born in South Africa, is married and has two beautiful girls. She now lives in Amsterdam. In her words: Drawing inspiration from the countless courageous, the selfless of our world, I work and practice in art and yoga with a sense of gratitude for the rich lessons that life offers. Her website is Yoga without Borders. Other LEVEKUNST articles  by the same author.

Lama Pema Dragpa

Lama Pema Dragpa has lived and served at Padma Samye Ling (PSL) monastery and retreat center in New York for 12 years, closely studying and practicing with the great Tibetan Buddhist scholars and meditation masters, Ven. Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche (1938-2010) and Ven. Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche, and has helped edit and publish over 17 of the Ven. Khenpo Rinpoches’ books. Here’s the website of the Padmasambhava Buddhist Center.

Salome Torres

I am passionate about bringing a unified state of consciousness and well being into the human energy field. I have been practicing energy healing since 2009 and I work with my clients on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. In addition to energy healing, I bring meditation techniques, nutrition and understanding of characterology. In my free time I write, swim and cook.

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I love travel, teaching and writing, and have been teaching meditation internationally for over seventeen years. I am passionate about studying Japanese esoteric Buddhist teachings like Shingon, Tendai, and Shugendo, and then teaching them from a less strict viewpoint so that we all can benefit from these wonderful teachings.  My main focus is helping people to remember their own true identity, because it is only through remembering this that we can start to create a world full of compassion and wisdom. My website. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Sherab Gyatso Alex

Alex Sherab Gyatso is a married, Russian born yogi practitioner residing in Upstate NY with focus in practice lineages of Buddhist Dharma of Tibet, mostly as it reaches us today in the West through Nyingma traditions.

Born in 1974 in Soviet Union, Moscow. The country that at time did not have a state-wide religious following and although since the time of 2nd world war Russian Greek Orthodox Church was allowed to have the doors open in just about every city, it still would remain to be very private undertaking to go in.
A most memorable story about the spirituality that in a way very definably “set me sail” was a moment when I stood in from of the bookshelf and pointing to several volumes of old, beautifully bound books titled “Religions of the World” I asked my father: “Which one is the best?”
To which my father rather fast but in a thoughtful way said:
“Buddhism for sure”
As I was eight and have read captions and looked all over the books, I could place it in the book somewhat. So, in same thoughtful way I asked:
“Why Buddhism?”
Then answer arrived that had to be explored again, my father said:
“It is the easiest one”
To that I surely had to ask, again:
“How is it easy?”
My father then continuing:
“All you need is to know your mind” With a slight puzzling feel I asked then:
“How do you know your mind?”
Assuredly my father said to that:
“Through reflective contemplation, of course”
Somehow taking it at a face value, I seemed to know what he was talking about, likely only a child of eight could be so sure about such things.
Through that I had unfailing connection to the Buddhism to this moment. I have gone on to become a fine arts painter, through that I was always interested in urban sage figures and painting sounds of music bands in performance. With my mother immigrating through Eastern Europe to America I could rebuild my understanding of what is around me, what is to be my home, ideas, and furnishings, all from scratch. Lack of fluency in English language seriously hampered my art career as well. This turned into a blessing in reality, because I have met American life face-to-face while working in antique stores, antiquarian book stores and at some point becoming a chef and running a kitchen of a restaurant, all prompting very intense self-examination.

Georgia is an avid reader. She loves reading because people can learn about other realities and broaden their minds.

Dedicating time to dharma practice, pilgrimage, retreat and traveling  through Asia.  I spend The fall in México, where I co-founded Chalananda Yoga Retreat Center in Mexico. What I write and photograph are just snapshots of what I see and think.

Healer, bodyworker, writer, dharma practitioner, musician. Harrison Rappaport offers meditation instruction as well as healing work, blending movement and touch with traditional Buddhist wisdom. He intends to live as an expression of vibrant wholeness and awakening, brightening up the world as much as he can. Harrison’s website.

Heide Koch

Heide Koch is a mother of two children and living in a Buddhist marriage. She works in information management with a background in engineering and business laws, volunteers in human rights and charity work and translation. Tries her best to walk the path of developing compassion and insight, loves music, poetry, nature, running and dancing.

Heidi is a Translator of Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, practices and lectures, and instrumental in starting the academic department at Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Boudhanath, Nepal. She is the editor in chief of Tara’s Triple Excellence program and loves healthy living.

Translator of Wondrous Dance of Illusion, who is not normally this sentimental, resides in Corvallis, Oregon with her Tibetan husband and two young kids.

In 1978 I met the Tibetan Buddhist meditation master Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche who showed me the nature of mind. My path of making visual images became the inner structure of mind and how its patterns of confusion obscure  recognition of this vast space of ceaseless energy.  For 10 years I studied and practiced meditation with Trungpa Rinpoche until his death in 1987. Since that time my work has gone through a process of increased familiarity with how mind works and how to present that familiarity thru visual images. My website.

Inge and her husband Vagn Palle are both psychologists. Living in Ringkøbing Denmark, they have been deeply involved in psychic development during three decades. Inge’s website.

Tracy Joosten

Tracy works at RYI, Rangjung Yeshe Institute, in Nepal as their Alumni Services and Grants Manager, copywriter and editor, and lecturer in Development Studies.

Tobin Shenpen Rangdrol

Tobin Shenpen Rangdrol received pointing out instructions and pith instructions from Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, Urgyen Tulku Rinpoche, and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche in Nepal. He received the Four Empowerments from Chokling Rinpoche. Tobin also listened to Lam Rim, Bodhichittavataria, and Lojong teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama in India. He is the Director of Arcata School of Massage, the Communications Manager and Secretary for Rangjung Yeshe Gomde California, the creator of Middleway Method Massage Therapy and the founder of The Free Buddhism Project. Website.

Tsunma Jamyang Donma

Ordained nun in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition (Rime).
Stained Glass Thangka Artist – Yulokod Studios.
Chaplain (Spiritual Care giver) at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Canada.
Founding Member of The Mindfulness Project – Teaching Mindfulness & Compassion Skills to Healthcare Professionals-SickKids, Toronto, Canada.
Active Mentor, Participant Gomde Cooperstown, USA &
Founding Member of Riwoche Temple in Toronto, Canada.

Urd Hørberg Lacroix lives on Funen, Denmark. She is the mother of two, cooks and teaches yoga.

Urvasi Devi Dasi

I have been a practitioner of bhakti (devotion) yoga for the past 30 years, spending a third of that time living in India. Bhakti yoga calls the aspirant to service as a means of re-awakening our dormant, natural tendency to serve others and God (Krishna). I have dedicated my life to the propagation of cow protection as a service to mankind, Mother Earth and ultimately to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna.

I hold a PhD in Buddhist studies and have been a Buddhist practitioner for approximately 40 years.  I’ve practiced Zen Buddhism in Japan for four years, have been a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism since 1976, and have taught Buddhism in various seminaries,  contemplative centers and graduate school programs.  I am a practicing psychotherapist, integrating Buddhist with Western psychology, attempting to bring ‘soul’ back into the helping profession. My recently published book, Mindfulness and Madness: Money, Food, Sex and the Sacred, has been published by John Hunt Publishers and has received 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Jacek Dziubiński is educated in philosophy, a writer, poet, translator, painter and book designer. He loves the mountains, the sea and solitude. Jacek’s website.

James is a writer, philosopher, contemplative practitioner and theorist, living in the Dordogne region of France, where he runs a Bed & Breakfast. He loves to hike with friends, and ride his Vespa through the countryside, and play with his over-active joyous dog, when he is not writing. He loves to love. He was formerly a software engineer in New York, a university professor of philosophy, he taught Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Nature, as well as meditation. He was an elected official, an activist for animal rights and environmental justice, a soccer coach, a police commissioner, and a taxi driver. Once a father, now a grandfather, he was born too early for his age.

Born as a human being in 1977. Jacob is an avid student of both Buddhism, yoga and martial arts. He holds an MA in philosophy and works primarily as a ManuVision body-therapist. He also frequently lectures on topics such as creativity, body language, yoga philosophy and other mind-body oriented themes. For more articles and more about Jacob, visit his homepage.

I’m a poet and translator of classical Chinese poetry.  Reading classical poetry, translating it and writing my own poetry in response have all developed into being integral parts of my creative and spiritual practice.  My translations of Chinese poetry have been published in a variety of places online, including in Translation.  You can also read more of my work on the website Lampoetry.

Retired from decades of administrative service to the dharma and wild-minded poets & yogins, Jacqueline Gens now spends her time practicing, writing, and making calligraphy paper using recycled sacred texts and substances at Khandroling Paper Cooperative. She’s never too far from Cold Mountain.

Jon Solomon is Professeur des universités in the Institute of Transtextual and Transcultural Studies at the Université Jean Moulin in Lyon, France, working on the themes of racism, translation, and cultural difference. Born in the USA, he lived in East Asia for 25 years before moving to France. He started practicing Zen under Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn in 1983, and started Vajrayana in 1992 after receiving instruction from Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.

Johan Vedel is a musician, writer, CST therapist and enjoys life.
He has a deep passion for mysticism, music and music used as therapy.
He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am a student, and I love badminton, pc-games and reading.

A long term student of the Dharma, I met both Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche and Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche in 1976, and have lived in Asia since then, primarily in Kathmandu, Nepal. On the request of Holiness Penor Rinpoche, I collaborated with Khenpo Sonam Tsewang of Namdroling Monastery in Mysore to translate the Liberation Story of Namcho Migyur Dorje, the terton who discovered the treasures that make up the core of the Palyul tradition. This biography is entitled The All-Pervading Melodious Sound of Thunder, and was written by the first Karma Chagme Rinpoche.

Kate Roddick

Kate is unique, being one of the first ever Westerners ever to study traditional Tibetan medicine in Dharamsala. This was no mean feat, spending seven years within the monk community next to His Holiness Dalai Lama’s residence, translating Tibetan texts to enable her to study medicine with some of the greatest Tibetan physicians of our time. This was borne out of her deep dedication to of wishing to help others. At Napiers the Herbalists. She also holds workshops on The Art of Tibetan Healing and the Five Elements. She spends much time attending retreats these days and has a darn good sense of humor.

Kaia Livingstone runs a private practice outside of Boulder, Colorado and specialized in EFP, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. She has dedicated her life to the study and discovery of the horse and human bond and strives to help others find their higher potential through their healing process. Kaia’s website.

Animal Reiki teacher, author, mostly-vegan, animal advocate, passionate meditator and dragon-at-heart. Founder of Animal Reiki Source and co-founder of The Shelter Animal Reiki Association. Compassion is the ultimate healer! My website & blog.

Karma Dendup serve as a TV host and producer, for the Bhutan Broadcasting Service, BBS, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Cinema. As he says: “While my work is primarily to produce documentaries, for the past 5 years I have been hosting and produced a monthly program on Buddhism, which has now grown into a weekly show called the Jangchub Shing, The Bodhi Tree. I love and respect all religions, but stand sane and alive because of the Buddha Dharma.”

Kimberly has studied and practiced Buddhism for almost 20 years under the guidance of a number of renowned Tibetan teachers. As well as being a teacher of meditation, Kimberly is also an accomplished photographer and her work has been greatly influenced and inspired by The Practice of Contemplative Photography by Andy Karr and Michael Wood. Married to an Italian, she loves good food and being near the ocean. Kimberly’s website.

Lama Surya Das, who the Dalai Lama affectionately calls the “American lama”, has spent over forty five years studying with the great spiritual masters of Asia. He is an authorized lama in the Tibetan Buddhist order, and the founder of the Dzogchen Center. Surya Das is the author of the international bestseller Awakening the Buddha Within: Tibetan Wisdom for the Western World and twelve other books, including his latest release, Make Me One with Everything: Buddhist Meditations to Awaken from the Illusion of Separation. His blog “Ask the Lama” can be found at  To see Surya’s lecture and retreat schedule please visit He can be followed on Facebook (Lama Surya Das), Twitter (@LamaSuryaDas) and Instagram (lamasuryadasusa).

A lifelong Buddhist practitioner of the Dudjom Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and a learned Buddhist scholar, Lama Tsering Gyaltsen received a Master of Arts degree in Buddhist Studies from the Tibetan Institute of Higher Studies in Varanasi, India. Arrived in the USA in 1996, assisted or directed the creation of the Padma Charitable Foundation, Corvallis, Oregon, where he serves as the founding and head Dharma teacher. Founding Director and Vice-President of Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute.

Lee Weingrad is a practicing Buddhist,  a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche since 1971. He resides in Beijing, China with his wife, Wenjing,  and their two children, Iana (in College) and Joseph. He runs Surmang Foundation, a health promotion foundation that focuses on mother and child health in Tibet.

Photographer from Poland, since the 90’s living in Berlin. Her main focus is portrait photography. Most of her free time (not so much left), she thinks habitually only about how to take a picture. As a mother of two kids she gladly takes pictures of kids, families and their pets, of course. Promoter of sling baby-wearing.

Marc Wennberg is the Director of Triptych Journey, a multimedia arts and storytelling organization based in Burlington, Vermont. Marc started Triptych Journey in 2012 to be able to share the magical and profound story of Guru Rinpoche. In addition to running Triptych Journey, Marc is a restorative justice practitioner and consultant.

I don’t know what I am, beyond a curious human with a life-long thirst for the ubiquitous mystery and awakened multidimensionality and desire for creative expression. My main amplificatory vector into this mystery is Dzogchen via Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, with great influence by Keith Dowman and other great teachers and visionaries of this dreamlike liquid matrix of light. I studied and dabbled in maybe too many things to mention, but to mention some: Hermetic Kabbalah, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, integral studies, computers, music, poetry, dance, painting, philosophy, psychology and martial arts. I make my living through translation, recently developing an aspiration for Tibetan and assisting Keith Dowman in translating and publishing into Spanish (my Spanish rendering of Dowman’s translation of Longchenpa’s Treasury of the Dharmadhatu, “Espaciosidad”, has just been published through Amazon). I love fringe areas, gadgets, fire and cats. Which is probably more than enough. I was born in Argentina but recently have been residing and/or traveling in/through Mexico and the USA.

An ex-restauranteur, A part time entrepreneur , A full time “wanna-be” social activist/worker. Lately most of my work consists of working with youth volunteers to provide “Aid with integrity” to the deprived & underprivileged communities across pre & post earthquake Nepal.

Michael Ash

Michael Ash is a photographer, filmmaker, poet and visionary.  He is the founder of the dharma and art projects, The Yogini Project, Dharma Eye, Dakini As Art, and Oddiyan’s Gate.  He presently is working on a documentary film Women On The Path for The Yogini Project.

Michael Tweed is an artist and writer who lives a quiet life in the country. Personal website.

Michaela Haas, PhD, is the author of Bouncing Forward: Transforming Bad Breaks into Breakthroughs (Atria/Enliven, October 2015) and Dakini Power: Twelve Extraordinary Women Shaping the Transmission of Tibetan Buddhism in the West (Shambhala, 2013). With a PhD in Asian studies, she has taught at the University of California Santa Barbara, the University of the West, and centers in America and Europe. She is a reporter, lecturer, and consultant. Visit!

Mike Dickman is a poet, translator and musician, a long-time Buddhist practitioner with an interest in almost anything that has to do with this beautiful planet of ours and what can be of aid. He lives ‘on the eaves’ of Paris, where he’s been (to his surprise) more than half his life, with his wondrous wife and Zen cat. Mike’s website.

In 1978 did first Buddhist retreat at Insight Meditation Society with Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield. Worked as an electrician for 28 years until retiring due to injury in 2010. Now living in Cambridge, Massachusetts as mindfully as possible and constantly reminded that this moment is enough.

Monica Riton

While a child I began painting. I went to art schools but kept my painting private and become instead an interior architect. Have had some exhibition .I paint feelings, idols and role models like Ganesh, Vajrasattva and Milarepa. The self-portrait here show different moods in me, one the feelings of trust, love and joy, the other shows watchfulness with “cat mind”.

Nadja was Associate professor in cross-cultural psychology at The University of Copenhagen and RUC and later worked as a psychologist in private practice. Ordained as a nun in Mindrolling Samten Tse, India by H.E. Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche. Author of several books and articles, primarily on dehumanization, alienation and stress in our contemporary societies – and how to reclaim our true human potentials in order to co-create sustainable communities. Nadja’s website.

Nathalie David grew up in the south of France, studied fines arts in Nice, Paris and Hamburg. Lived in China 1992 and came back to Germany in Hamburg.  She has a 20 years old daughter and is married. When she was 20, her doctor told here if she continued her life on that way, she would get cancer. So he recommended her to practice aikido and then moved to tai chi chuan and Qi gong until now. She learned 6 years traditional Chinese Medicine. All that help her to get independent and more free in mind and body. This way of thinking and being is probably transposed in her work, she says.

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Niels Viggo Hansen

Niels Viggo Hansen, Ph.D., researcher at ”Interacting Minds Centre”, Aarhus University, Denmark. Dancing philosopher, teacher of “moving meditation”. Niels Viggo’s website.

I work as an Communication Officer since 2004 with a background in psychology, art and culture. I love to meet what is genuine and authentic in every person, in every cultural expression, religion and modern science over the world, however it expresses itself.

I am an ordinary householder not following any faith or religion, but have respect for all the faiths and I take whatever is good from everywhere. I try to make spirituality as simple as possible so that a layman too can understand. I have keen interest in the latest scientific developments and correlating them with spiritual ideas and concepts. And I love to be questioned on whatever I express. I have these two blogs: <a href=””>Raman’s Truth</a> & <a href=””>Nisargaramana</a>.

Ravi has lived, studied and worked in the US and Asia, and brings an intimate experience of both the corporate and social sectors – as an organizational consultant, executive coach, entrepreneur and social activist. He is a student and practitioner in the Vajrayana tradition as well as in yoga. After moving back to Asia, he is now focused on introducing to schools and colleges innovative programs on mindfulness based emotional skills and conversational intelligence. He hopes to publish a book on this subject by the summer of 2016.  Making Bangkok his base, he intends to collaborate with a US based group to develop master trainers in Asia.  Email:

A mother to many and a precocious earth child, I earned a Masters of science degree in geology and geophysics. I opened a metaphysical jewelry shop, Brazil Gems, and am perfectly content to work two to three days a week while practicing and exploring our world. We must work within our circumstance, as my teacher Chogyal  Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche says.

Rikke Braren Lauritzen is a Master of Arts, existential psychotherapist and family therapist, certified Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Interpersonal Mindfulness teacher with her own private practice and is a devoted Dharma student. She is the founder of a new Danish Mindful School program and is teaching both adults, adolescents, families, teachers and professionals in secular mindfulness. Rikke’s website.

Rodrigo Reijers is a musician, educator and Kambo practitioner. He now lives in Odense, Denmark.
You can find some of Rodrigo’s CD’s on bandcamp. and more music here: soundcloud. On you can find dharmasongs Rodrigo recorded with Sascha Sellberg. You are welcome to contact Rodrigo about any of these activities: or

Rune Lacroix

Rune Lacroix lives in southern Denmark with his wife and child. Currently studying for a master degree in Psychology. Grateful for depth in everyday life, vulnerability, bonfires, goodness and dharma.

Militantly optimistic graphic designer who believes there is beauty everywhere. I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and editor from Naples, Italy. She has studied Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Naples, Italy and Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, U.S. My website & portfolio.

Sascha Alexandra Aurora is educated in aesthetic communication and linguistics. A singer and songwriter, she loves people, life, creativity and traveling.

Seema is an occupational therapist, Reiki and meditation teacher, and a writer. She loves creativity in every thing that life has to offer, hiking, traveling and cooking. Originally from India, now settled in Arizona, US. She has two teenage kids, one girl with verbal Autism, who is an inspiration and drive to help find her inner strength. Seema’s vision is to help families with special kids , in coping with everyday stresses to be more grounded so they can find their innate strength themselves and set up programs in special schools about meditation and mindfulness.

Born in Chicago toward the end of WW2. Seeking practical solutions to egoic dystopias all my life. Boundless Space, Primordial Light, Limitless Love. The Prayer Dance website & blog of Shakti Das.

Life keeps one busy, looking, living, learning, working, seeing, mothering, fathering, loving, then there is the end of life, you either witness it or you are it. What I have learned? Take time while visiting this earth to be with yourself, a retreat with only you, it can be the kindest thing you can do for yourself and the people around you. Took me years to figure this out and how to make it work, wish I had done it many years ago. From now until I leave this earth, I will be good to myself, be kind to yourself, take a silent retreat, with you! Go!  Now! Get to know you.

Sonia Gomes is a Marketing & Branding Communication consultant, a Wellness Business Owner, Ashtanga Yoga teacher, and a Vajrayana lover. She enjoys beauty and creativity in every thing that life has to offer… Traveling and studying are her main priorities. She is Portuguese but totally in love with Indian Culture … Her vision and aim is to help and contribute for women equality rights and opportunities and also volunteer in some humanitarian health projects.

In the South of Germany I am running a little hotel. I enjoy meeting and taking care of my guests and like to connect people who didn´t know each other before for any possible project. I love writing poetry, painting and getting in contact with the unlimited abbundance of nature by observing, breathing and comtemplating. I search to keep things simple and somehow try to integrate all daily experiences into the Dharma. Sonja-Maria’s website.

Prof. Steven D. Goodman is Program and Research Director, Asian Philosophies and Cultures at the California Institute of Integral Studies ( . He co-edited Tibetan Buddhism: Reason and Revelation (New York: SUNY Press, 1992), and the author of The Buddhist Psychology of Awakening: An In-Depth Guide to Abhidharma (Shambhala, forthcoming). He studied Tibetan Poetics as a Rockefeller Scholar in residence at the Rice University Center for Cultural Studies, He is Board Advisor to Khyentse Foundation, founding member of Working Committee of 84000:Translating the Words of the Buddha, and member of Board Dircetors at Jonang Foundation.

Sunara Begum is a visual artist and filmmaker whose work is perfectly placed between East and West. She uses the worlds of Film, Theatre, Photography and Text: I am a seeker of truth, a dweller in the unknown and a dreamer of the impossible. A visual-anthro-mythologist. My art expresses a universal spirit encompassing my sense of ancestral memory and ethnic identity in which the essence, form and textures of the past shape my interpretations of the present and sense of the future. Sunara’s website.

A meditation teacher, lecturer and author. He is a lifelong student of Eastern wisdom traditions. He is also the founder and director of Quantum Seminars, organizing seminars and workshops on spirituality and inner growth with teachers from different traditions and backgrounds.

Still in school in Switzerland. I love spending time with my friends & family, spending time on social networking sites, and handball. This world has many issues and solutions, but according to me the main issue is discrimination. If this world does not discriminate people by their nationality, skin color, gender or class, this world would be a perfect place to live.

Scott Tusa (Tenzin Namsel) is a Buddhist teacher and musician. He loves being in the mountains and exploring inner and outer nature. To connect with Scott, please visit his website: Other LEVEKUNST <a href=””>articles</a>  by the same author.

Tenzing Paljor

Tenzing Paljor is a Tibetan photographer brought up and educated in Darjeeling, India. An itinerant traveler and a global nomad, Paljor for the past twenty years has lived in New Delhi, Kathmandu, Washington D.C, Manila, Kabul and Colombo. His work focuses on documenting communities and cultures in remote regions facing the disintegration of their traditional identities, values and way of life due to political conflict and encroaching modernization. Paljor works on multiple projects simultaneously that is long-term in nature.

He is currently based in Ulaanbaatar with his wife and daughter, and is working in a long-term project photo documenting Mongolia, the last nomadic culture. Website.

Therese George is a Vajrayana practitioner, wife, and mother of two living in Boise, Idaho. She enjoys teaching mindfulness to children and teens, swimming, nature, and gardening. When she is not on the meditation cushion, she enjoys embracing life as her dharma practice, singing mantras, and looking after small sentient beings who inhabit her backyard.

I’m an artist and paint solely on ahimsa silk. I have had a Tibetan Buddhist influence since childhood which has been expanded upon with my explorations of quantum mechanics, Jung psychology, neurology, herbology, and symbolism through to the Grimoires of enlightened wizards. I follow life’s breadcrumbs to transformation. My website & boutique.

A multi creative life-loving artist and designer, who expresses himself through events, poster art, photography, video, music, words, advertising concepts and campaigns as well as design for web and print.
Tony’s website.

Lama Tsultrim Allione, author and international teacher, is the founder and spiritual director of Tara Mandala. In 2009, Lama Tsultrim was selected by an esteemed committee of Buddhist scholars and practitioners to receive the International Outstanding Women in Buddhism Award given in Bangkok, Thailand.

Vagn Palle lives in Ringkøbing, Denmark, with his wife Inge. He is working professional as a psychologist and leads groups in meditation.

From Israel, near Haifa. I practice Tibetan Buddhism which inspires my art. An art therapist by profession and an artist, I love nature, peacefulness. I love silence, helping others. I am vegetarian and appreciate life of any living creature. Painting mandalas is a therapeutic process, like meditation and has a healing effect.

I am a visual artist, living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. Even though I was born in Slovakia, I was brought up and educated in the USA, Ann Arbor, Michigan. My multicultural background has given me freedom to work from various different dimensions and not be dependent on traditions. Viera Collaro’s website & exhibitions.

Yeshe Wangmo has been a Buddhist practitioner since 1987. In 2004 she helped to produce an English version of The Mirror of Beryl, the definitive torma manual for the Karma Kagyu lineage. In 2014 she wrote and produced the documentary film Torma: the Ancient Art of Tibetan Butter Sculpture.

I am a visual artist, poet, writer, music producer and dzogchen practitioner. I’m also an amateur photographer & keen etymologist. I use my artistic expressions as a means to positively uplift others with the old school motto P.E.A.C.E = Positive. Energy. Activates. Constant. Elevation. Yeshen’s Soundcloud presence.

Naljorma Yudron Wangmo

Naljorma Yudron Wangmo is a longtime practitioner of Nyingma Buddhism who is living the open question of what it means to be a Buddhist yogini in twenty-first century America. She abides in the wilds of east Oakland, California, where beauty and violence collide. Not knowing what to do with herself since her lama told her to stop doing long retreats, she is writing novels about flawed heroic teenagers who are transformed by Dharma. Yudron’s website.

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