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In SACRED WORLD by Tulku Sherab Dorje1 Comment

When we buy a piece of meat, doesn’t the supply-chain economy react to replace it in the grocery aisle, where it otherwise would not? If hundreds of tantric Buddhists shopped in the same Whole Foods outlet, perhaps that would be the case. But if we relatively few tantrikas are thoughtful and selective, we not only are very unlikely to add to the toll of lives lost to consumption of meat by our twice-monthly small purchase, but likely will be substituting our purchase for that of another person who lacks our motivation and purpose in forming a compassionate and aspirational karmic connection with the being whose flesh has been slaughtered.

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In ACTIVISM by Tulku Sherab DorjeLeave a Comment

Why do we allow this daily rampage to go on and on? Changing the law, by itself, won’t entirely solve the problem. But praying for peace and wishing for all others to renounce their violent habits and tendencies also will not soon solve the problem. This problem is not solely within our minds, and not solely environmental and cultural, or legal. It is the interplay of all of these: it is our collective karma to live in a society that glorifies the ability to violently defeat others.

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Behind the snowy prospects of your eyes, ranging like mountains with onyx studs at their peaks, lies only everything, space and light mingling and stretching, blowing, glowing away to an event horizon where I hover and vanish. There lies my true home, my yearning for it beyond measure.

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In POETRY by Tulku Sherab Dorje1 Comment

The more I search within for my motives, the less I know of my self; every explanation, each answer, painfully wrong and incomplete. Why do I do what I do, where is the cause, where the effect, of promised liberation? Where hides the sneaky sculptor who casts my stony belief in this make-believe world?