Becoming the river´s song

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This love that flows is a river,

Of unknown source and destination.

I could no more halt this invisible stream, this flow,

Than turn the tides,

Constant and never ending.

When I step into this stream,

I speak with the river’s song:

Music and flowering and birdsong,

A flowing slow by hushed and silent reeds,

Mysteriously dark, mysteriously still,

Throwing spears to the sky,

Ever turning, ever transforming;

Flush with the earth’s spring,

Fluid, an ever-constant murmur;

Seeing and being sight,

Both being and aware.

Dynamic; a shimmering reflection,

Hummingbird wingbeats,

Miraculously mid-air:

Between the lift and the pull,

Thus I am being, thus I am doing,

Practise becomes a river bed,

The soft and fertile valleys,

Where Innana and Dumazi

Kissed their bare feet.

Lo my love I become the river again,

Timeless, everywhere, always.

Come, it’s a matter of simply this:

Being and aware,

This is called

Becoming the river´s song

Poem by Jules Christie


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    One of the most beautiful poems I’ve read in a long time…
    It reminds me of Rabindranath Tagore 🙂

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