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Do not say anything
Do not ask anything
Just be

Words lose its meaning
when uttered to express
inner most
pure experience

Transmission and blessings
takes place
from mind to mind

With arms wide open
accept teachings as they come
respect, love and learn

There is nothing material
that leaves here,
no self is transferred
from one place to another;
but there is a voice uttered here,
“I keep you in my mind and heart
may you receive
what ever you need”.
and the echo of it comes back.
And an offering devoted.

Thus teaching is verbalized there
and it’s heard here,
than repeated back;
and with diligent practice
reborn in the mind of receiver.

And offering
becomes blessings
and blessings
becomes healing.

Just as a stamp is
impressed on the wax
replicating its shape and form;
energy and thoughts
of everything there is,
is impressed on others
in steady transmission.
And diligent practice
will continue in
and merits with it will continue
as compassion to all.

This form is perishable
subject to decay
there is no self
that make it act;
but thoughts of it
cause it to work.

Hence, disregard the
delusion of self
and attachments to
impermanent and fleeting
But watch your mind
and do right action
and deeds
for they are everlasting
and permanent
and that’s why
be mindful with them.

Right action is refuge.
it allocates to
compassion and greatness.
Which keeps growing
like seeds to crops,
But even more to a bliss
That is
everlasting, boundless ,
deathless, indestructible
eternally and forever
… blessings

Inspired and based on teachings of all my teachers.

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Seema is an occupational therapist, Reiki and meditation teacher, and a writer. She loves creativity in every thing that life has to offer, hiking, traveling and cooking. Originally from India, now settled in Arizona, US. She has two teenage kids, one girl with non - verbal Autism, who is an inspiration and drive to help find her inner strength. Seema's vision is to help families with special kids , in coping with everyday stresses to be more grounded so they can find their innate strength themselves and set up programs in special schools about meditation and mindfulness.

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