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In MUSIC by David Fonsbo1 Comment

I was not limited by myself anymore. This opened my heart which I, by the way noticed is the door to heaven and suddenly I was surrounded by this enormously beautiful music.

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In MUSIC by David HykesLeave a Comment

In the cosmological portraiture that is music, the music of the spheres, the basic laws true in every octave of the creation, a sphere of forces, places and relationships come into being and can be perceived, like a cell, a flock of birds, a setting in nature.

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In MUSIC by Yeshen2 Comments

This track was inspired by the life-changing book by Yamamoto Tsunetomo about The Way Of The Samurai. It is a reflective piece trying to evoke the place, mentality and spirit of myself during that impressionable age and how the book radically changed me.