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In STORYTELLING by Yeshe WangmoLeave a Comment

At first she was horrified, doing her best to keep them out by stuffing an old blanket into the crevice beneath the door so that they couldn’t get into her bedroom. But they easily chewed and clawed their way through whatever barrier she put there, until finally she gave up fighting them.

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In VISUAL ART by Monica Riton2 Comments

When I paint it is easy in the beginning, then there is often a period of struggle. Suddenly a flow comes and its so easy, sometimes even like someone else is painting. To me there is parallels with painting and meditation, says the Swedish painter Monica Riton.

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In POETRY by Karma DendupLeave a Comment

The truth he transcended, And with it worldliness he ended, The garden of virtue he well tended, And became so alive that we seemed dead. He saw of what he was made, Or rather in truth “unmade”

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In FICTION by Jacek DziubińskiLeave a Comment

For those who search blindfolded and find nothing, and for those who are given a chance to find an answer without searching. For those who look for a new place because they cannot fulfill their energy, and for those who look for a place where life would be more pleasant. For those who build houses and feel living in them is like living in a waiting-room in a bus stop.

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In FICTION by John EdwardsLeave a Comment

“Timing is only everything”, A professor whose name has been washed away by the sands of time, recalling the words of his professor when he and his fiancé were never happy with one another and ready to get married at the same time.

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In POETRY by Karma Dendup2 Comments

Grace be you, Peace deceived you, Love enveloped you, Time consumed you, Hate destroyed you, Anger burnt you, Age wore you, Pain tamed you, Happiness faked you, Freedom invited you, Illusions showed you, Life lived you.