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In POETRY by Bill Karelis0 Comments

Your world has no hypocrisy. It is bright; even darkness is bright; dinner happens in the morning light. Your speech, so well remembered, cuts through naïve beliefs, pops depression, brings a smile to the eyes. To the one who showed me the world, I sing this little song of remembrance and pay homage ceaselessly.

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In POETRY by Karma Dendup0 Comments

I sang echoes of the past ages, Blessed were the words I sang, I sang with eyes shut and heart wide open, I believe that when there is no beginning there can never be an end. As naked as the wind I sat in freedom, as clouded as the clouded sky came my thoughts, I stared deep into thin air, and I found myself absorbed, again no where.

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In POETRY by Thubten Kway1 Comment

NO! Not Now but NOW! Most people associate Now with time and space. The ultimate Now is a self-existing awareness beyond the dualistic concern of ‘here and now’ and ‘there and then’ which are concepts of time and space. The authentic Now concerns not time and space. It is just a simple and natural presence. It is not what we experience nor is it different.

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In POETRY by Wayne Amtzis0 Comments

Midnight pools catch the brilliant lanterns carried by women in procession. Deep into sleep I follow them home. As their voices mingle with dawn’s first rays, light flickers across the trellised blossoms Late into morning I wake. The Swayambhu Stupa, long risen from the mist, gleams.

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In POETRY by Martin Fernandez Cufre0 Comments

“You” are not more important than the lute, As “you” tend to misunderstand “yourself”. Your deepest fear, sadness, hope, those that you still have to recognize, are harmonic progressions in the One Song, The game of swirly rainbow music light that any protest or noise in your mind is made of. Any name, any forgetfulness, any drama of whatever tone, is a variation of the Rainbow Song.

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In POETRY by Adam Moes0 Comments

My jolly demeanor puts everyone in good cheer and as all the dream beings adopt my attitude of pure generosity and sharing,
all lack, or sense of scarcity is completely banished and instead everyone delights in a wonderful feeling of abundance, satisfaction, and contentedness.