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In POETRY by James CorriganLeave a Comment

How does one describe the indescribable? What sweet flowing words can I use to invoke the proper image in your heart?
All that there is, exists within “Reality;” And yet where is Reality located? And when is it happening too?

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In POETRY by Dawa Dhundup1 Comment

What inglorious time did provoke my fall,
That joys are confined and cheerless soul,
Now cries for retreat to merry lands,
Could someone drag those praying hands.

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In POETRY by Jacek DziubińskiLeave a Comment

This poem about Krishna and Arjuna mainly advocates one taste, not going into opposition, the duality of good and evil. It’s also about fearlessness, hearing ones own heart and intuition, when one sees how things are. A poem by Jacek Dziubiński.

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In POETRY by Renée Rigdzin Chömtso7 Comments

We are the Scarlet Women. Some called sluts and whores. We are emanations of Divine Mother, forced deep into the subconscious. Forced out of fear.