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In VISUAL ART by Martha BoydenLeave a Comment

Vajrasattva Dreaming is a painting that took over a year to create. Combined with video, poetry and music, together with the composition gives your mind a chance to fly freely and be used in many different ways: meditation, phases of dying, dancing and concerts. Enjoy this multi-media experience.

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In VISUAL ART by Viera Collaro2 Comments

In the installation artist and painter Viera Collaro’s artistic universe, light, color, space and reflexes have center stage. The light is the overall force. Clear and poetic, the works beam at the viewer and offer a boundary removing room for thought.

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In VISUAL ART by Monica Riton2 Comments

When I paint it is easy in the beginning, then there is often a period of struggle. Suddenly a flow comes and its so easy, sometimes even like someone else is painting. To me there is parallels with painting and meditation, says the Swedish painter Monica Riton.

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In VISUAL ART by Kimberly Poppe

In this way, photography is part of my spiritual practice, not spiritual in a special way, but in a very ordinary way, just simply being with whatever is. My teacher speaks about meditation not as meditating on something but being with. I find this to be an incredibly helpful instruction.

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In VISUAL ART by Jon Solomon

It’s spring here in France, and flower trees have started to bloom. Spring blossoms, a perennial source of metaphor, conjure up associations with new growth. According to a well-received tradition, they might also present a parable for transmission of spiritual realization.