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In FICTION by Kate RoddickLeave a Comment

“Put your hands up and be prepared to die!” Rang over the speaker of the Boeing VC10 Plane from Bombay to London via Beirut. The plane was being hijacked by two Palestinians whom had taken over the plane. It was March 3th 1974.

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In FICTION by Michael Tweed

This makes me appreciate and want to emulate all the more those old brush and ink painters and poets of China, to strip the artistic act down to the most basic elements and to focus on the approach, the attention and, yes, the openness and vastness of life.

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In FICTION by Tara Trinley Wangmo

“I don’t quite know why but towards the end of his life, I promised Trungpa Rinpoche, I would bring the stories of Ashoka Maharajah, Gesar of Ling, the Yong Le Emperor and Prince Shotoku Taishi to greater prominence in the West.”
Read the interview with Douglas J. Penick here.