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In INSIGHTS by Erik Pema Kunsang1 Comment

Throughout human civilization there have been attempts to formulate that conscious ability in response to the question, what are we really, of what is experience made, where does perception takes place, what is it that feels emotions, and the big question, can consciousness, meaning us, know what it is, directly, by itself and without the use of technological instruments?

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In INSIGHTS by Svend TrierLeave a Comment

We may start clinging to certain meditative states or experiences, and may believe that we are very good meditators, or close to enlightenment. However, the moment we begin to see and recognize these patterns, it is actually quite funny. We can have a good laugh at ourselves and our habitual tendencies.

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In INSIGHTS by Jacek Dziubiński

Suddenly his heart filled with an anxiety so terrible he felt as if someone had turned off the power. Everything he had been thinking of up to that point, what he had prized and planned, suddenly lost its meaning.