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In TRAINING by Beth Lee-Herbert4 Comments

Even with the best of intentions to generate compassion, there are ways we go astray by deluding ourselves. This becomes apparent when, instead of feeling nurtured by offering compassion in thought or deed, we are left with the bitter taste of negative emotion.

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In TRAINING by Inge RaschLeave a Comment

Although we can acknowledge that all which exists are in an eternal process of change, we can still get overwhelmed by the fear of losing life and the need to say goodbye to people we love and those who have been an important part in our life by making it precious.

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In INSIGHTS by Erik Pema Kunsang1 Comment

Throughout human civilization there have been attempts to formulate that conscious ability in response to the question, what are we really, of what is experience made, where does perception takes place, what is it that feels emotions, and the big question, can consciousness, meaning us, know what it is, directly, by itself and without the use of technological instruments?

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In TRAINING by Erik Pema Kunsang2 Comments

Imitate that and your body is now in meditation posture. But you are not the body. You are in a body. It is not the body that meditates; it’s the mind. Meditation takes place in the realm of consciousness: that in you which is aware and thinks, feels and experiences.