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In LIFE by Rodrigo ReijersLeave a Comment

The tendency to take life for granted is an obstacle not only for spiritual practice, but actually stands in the way of being happy in our situation right now. We think life is no big deal, we do it everyday, and everybody is doing it, and the fact that we will surely die is taboo, we don’t think about, we don’t talk about it. But our life actually is a big deal, it could end any moment. When we look at the great miracle of creation; the wonders of the earth, our own human body and the sacred mystery of the universe around us and within us, we can not help but being inspired and feeling blessed to be part of it.

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In ACTIVISM by José M. Tirado2 Comments

The lack of what might be called, as Jung suggested, soul connectedness, to the deeper aspects of our interior world, has become replaced instead with endless distraction and continuous, immediate, bombastic stimulation, and it is exhausting. We are not only constantly struggling with what assaults us daily, by the minute, in fact, but, instead of seeking out another with whom to commiserate, or a field of others to simply enjoy some real human connectedness, we are now trained to seek further stimulation and excitement, only to find it as empty of substance and dry of human touch.

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In GRACEFUL LIVING by Kathrine Elizabeth Lorena JohanssonLeave a Comment

While working with techniques to release sexual energies in a healing manner, it is important to support this work with a healthy diet. The first step towards a healthy diet is not just the choice of what to eat, or to follow particular instructions from different health experts. It is actually to make oneself aware that the unfortunate condition of today’s society is that the primary goal of big businesses is to create profit. This means that food companies do not primarily focus upon the benefits of their products on the human body. They focus upon ways in which they can make people buy their products, and continue to buy their product, no matter if they are healthy or not.

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In NATURAL MEDICINE by Max Corradi1 Comment

According to Tibetan medicine everything has its origin in the mind which is the creator of the internal and external phenomena and the five elements which constitute physical reality. According to Buddhism, the mind is like a pure crystal which is obscured by temporary ignorance of its own original primordially pure state and by the subsequent karmic formations.

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In GRACEFUL LIVING by David Frank Gomes1 Comment

As the body crumbles, the soul awakens. This is why dying people always tell the living to follow your dreams. Don’t wait for sickness or death. Do it while there is still time. But now, here is the mystery. There is no path because everything is the path; and inside of that everything, there are two important distinctions: our master path and our secondary path. The master path is our inner path, our path of meaning. The secondary path is our outer path, where we put that meaning into action out in the world. The master path is about being and the secondary path is about doing.

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In GRACEFUL LIVING by Sergio MorenoLeave a Comment

Studies find that people in more diverse countries, countries with great numbers of immigrants, rely on smiling to build trust and to build cooperation. A simple reason for this is the fact that we don’t all speak the same language. But there is a different, and I think, more meaningful reason for smiling in countries with more immigrants, and that is that smiling is a way to bond socially. A smile is a rather universally understood thing. Surely we can recognize a fake smile, a genuine smile, a wicked smile, a forced or sarcastic smile. But we know a smile when we see it.

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In ACTIVISM by Tulku Sherab DorjeLeave a Comment

Why do we allow this daily rampage to go on and on? Changing the law, by itself, won’t entirely solve the problem. But praying for peace and wishing for all others to renounce their violent habits and tendencies also will not soon solve the problem. This problem is not solely within our minds, and not solely environmental and cultural, or legal. It is the interplay of all of these: it is our collective karma to live in a society that glorifies the ability to violently defeat others.

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In SACRED WORLD by Jason EspadaLeave a Comment

In Vajrayana Buddhism, we learn to see ourselves and all others like this, as essentially divine, transparent beings of light. We interact continually with others and this world, receiving blessings and responding compassionately as needed. At first we do this as an act of imagination, but gradually we learn to see that this is how things actually are, all by themselves. At that time, what we call prayer, in thought, word, and action are entirely natural.

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In YOGA by Jugnu Agarwal1 Comment

Ever since, I took up yoga, it has tapped my inspiration deeper and refined my personality. Yoga gives me an incredible high for my creative expression by easing my body, quieting my mind, and getting in touch with my true self. I have always been passionate about art from an early age and yoga influences the type of art work I create, by allowing me to doodle my thoughts with ease on sheets.

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In ANIMALS by Lyse LaurenLeave a Comment

Day after day we can witness around us acts of callousness and cruelty of which most people are not even aware, because they simply do not acknowledge that other life forms are sentient and therefore feel and respond to energy, moods and pain. This is an extremely crucial point to understand if we are ever to come into greater harmony with all other life forms with whom we share this world.