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It’s a moon which asks, do you get it? It’s time! Something will always be let go of with every full moon, as a natural time for something to come to a sense of completion, culmination, full awareness and a time well suited to let go of something that it is natural to let go of, as it has reached its time. What is greater can be welcomed and have freedom and space to give it’s song to you, and plant seeds in you and around you.

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So, my friends, what is it you are putting your feet on Earth for? In what way are we going to use our senses and our practical aptitudes to bring benefit? How are we going to treasure and care for Mother Earth? How will we make whatever garden it is we are growing in our lives flourish, so that others may share in our riches? And what are richness and wealth?

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My approach to astrology, and to most things in general, is to learn, to listen, to be open minded, to research, and then to check it out deeply for myself, using my common sense, my intuition, my body, contemplation, observation, waiting and cross checking. Somewhat like a scientist. Somewhat like a meditator. Somewhat like an artist. I don’t and never have taken things on blind faith, and I would highly recommend you don’t either when you read my posts.