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In GRACEFUL LIVING by Erik Pema Kunsang

A person with a open mind and noble heart respects everyone, animals too. Not only by refraining from causing harm but rescuing those in danger and saving their lives, setting them free. Such person is universal hero.

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In GRACEFUL LIVING by Beth Lee-HerbertLeave a Comment

The cornerstone of my spiritual life can be summed up with one word: gratitude. Without gratitude, no matter how “spiritual” I might look or act, my heart is closed and cold, and there is no room for the mystery of the divine.

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In GRACEFUL LIVING by Niels Viggo Hansen

Habits and lifestyle change has made it more and more clear that self-control is a poor strategy in lifestyle change in the long run, because it is as if part of the body must be in a permanent state of effort to control another part.