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Deepen the stability and ease
the body offers
with awareness of the body

in the body
Sense the movement of the mind
from the palms and soles

inward. Not just to the shoulders
and lower back, but through to the throat
and to the heart and lungs

Then through the legs to the gut
and to the sex
Then let the mind trace its movement

along the length of the spine
Not just to the back of the head, but inward
to the brain

with unfailing commitment
and the deepening presence of the out breath
encounter in turn all the demons

that drive you here and there
And with the entire body, the mind
centered at the gut,

with all the senses open,
experience abiding presence
here where you are

and there wherever you go
despite the forces of your mind
that engulf you from without

And with the mind centered at the heart,
with all the senses open, experience whatever arises
in this place, in this body

in whatever activity you engage in
with unrivaled acceptance
Embrace the other as no different

than yourself
and with the mind riding
the wind of its voice

say what you will say it
and sing it even as you breathe
the silence in

even as the world
rages and falls apart
all around you

with the body entire


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Wayne Amtzis

Wayne Amtzis

Poetry is my sadhana/ Meditation, my muse. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

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