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When the mind wanders or wavers,

reconfigure awareness

in the body, sensing inwards,

looking outwards

When thought holds sway,

if you can’t break free

or let go, step back, loosen up,

shake it out, however you frame it,

be physical, get up and move

Then resettle the mind in the body,

at ease, unconfined

Over time, regaining this

sensate presence,

as you recognize the thought patterns

that shape your actions

and the underlying motivations that persist,

retrace them, without judgment

Dwell within the mind’s grounding,

free-ranging presence

Welcome the currents passing through,

even waves of displeasure

and want, even as they carry you here

and there. With the body in mind,

within the chrysalis of mind and body,

within the mandala of body

and world, let another more loving body

long waiting within

emerge, a body long awaiting your presence

within, emerge,

within the chrysalis of breath

blood and light


About the Author
Wayne Amtzis

Wayne Amtzis

Poetry is my sadhana/ Meditation, my muse. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

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  1. Seema Sahoo

    Very interesting Wayne. Your reply gave me something to ponder. I have never really analyzed about my expression and embodiment , in terms of meditations so closely. Seemingly I have found myself flowing in it. You can say , something that cannot be expressed in language.

    Come to think about it , for me embodiment , expression and ” non expression ” goes simultaneously. In one way embodiedment is the non expression – beyond words. This is why I often read what I wrote over and over again. And find new layers in it.

    I wrote my first poem when I was in 7th grade regarding nature . Than I wrote more about human emotions in my teenage years and early 20s. I stopped potery all together around 24 or so .

    It all restarted when I started practicing meditations , one day suddenly I had the urge to compose and I did.

    I think when I say – I see my future in it. It is more like something which I am unable to pen down , something which is deep rooted , innate. I see it but it’s still hidden.

    So beautiful what you wrote – Muse is the expression, source and embodiment , three fold !.

    I still need more explorations !. I do see a sword :-). It comes with different names, labels but often it’s deeply embedded yet subtly visible .

    Innate awareness is always there , even with delusions it manages to peek in …

  2. Seema Sahoo

    Thank you Wayne , you expressed so eloquently about how you use potery as meditation.

    For me writing is form of meditation , even just plain passages. It releases fears, worries, anger which is buried inside and then slowly I craft them in prose or poetry.

    It seems to take me into my inner most parts of myself where everything is free, spacious without pretence.

    And sometimes I see my “future” in them if that makes any sense.

    I really like what you said about imagination entering mind stream, and is a shaping force arises out of awareness.

    Yes indeed then we would be moving from sadhana to muse…
    from poetry to meditation.

    Thank you

    1. Wayne Amtzis

      Thanks, for the reading and response.
      Re the shaping force arising out of awareness
      And “something more than that”

      I was pointing not so much to experience
      not yet brought into language, but to experience
      beyond the confines of language

      For me the meditation would, from a tantric perspective,
      be guided by dakini, yidam and lama
      and from an artist’s perspective, by expression,

      experience, and for want of a better word,
      expanse. From both perspectives, taking expanse as the source
      for experience and expression,

      and in writing
      taking experience as the source
      for expression,

      “Muse” refers to expression, experience
      and expanse… As a poet, I rely on
      and I am seduced and disarmed

      by her presence. Muse, she is the expression:
      Muse, she is the embodiment; Muse,
      she is the source. Three fold she is made known

      through language, symbol and expanse
      Here, for me, the poem expresses,
      the meditation embodies

      Source and expanse are the words
      for that which I have no words —
      Dawn, is that the name? Death, is that

      the condition?
      Is emptiness, your sword?
      O, Muse, please

      cut through my delusion!
      Be aware that for me Symbol
      is embodiment

      And for you I would suggest
      exploring what “my future” means
      or embodies…

      If the telling be told,
      the prophetic is innate awareness,
      the unborn

    1. Wayne Amtzis

      Thanks, re the “musings”

      I work with the poem
      to frame my current state of mind
      gauging the movement
      and underpinnings of thoughts and feelings,
      finding the language
      that can best access and display my experience,
      while discovering where
      I am coming from

      This framing is a limit
      and focus. It provides me with a way
      back in to my practice
      through language. And allows the source of both awareness
      and expression
      to be present in my thought

      In this way I am inviting the imagination
      to enter my mind-stream
      Here, when it appears, imagination is the shaping force
      that arises out of awareness
      and the pleasure I derive from the play of sound, image and form
      It is something more than that
      But then we would be moving from sadhana
      to muse…
      from poetry to meditation

      I hope this gives you some sense of my intent

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