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No man is an island. We are all part of communities whether large or small, and in general they play a big part in defining who we are or perceive ourselves to be. We are greatly influenced by the communities we are part of, and we greatly influence them in return! So do we want to be influenced by society or do we want to influence it?

What you give is what you get. If we want to create positive ripples in the world that will reverberate back to us, we should consciously go out and give to our communities. This could be in the spirit of voluntary community service. Going out and giving something to our local communities, and thus the world, without expecting anything in return. This could be in the form voluntary social service such as soup kitchens for the homeless and helping refugees and other volatile groups. But it can also be in the form of making art or a social event or one that combines the two. Creating community gardens is obviously a beautiful healing gift to the world since plants and gardens have such a positive effect on human beings. It could also be creating anything from art to activism with the intention of bettering and enriching the world. If that is the intention surely it will have that effect.


Nurturing our creativity through an artistic expression can be of great benefit to our communities and us. The world becomes a more beautiful place through art, literature, poetry, music, dance and the other arts. What a boring and dull world it would be without it! So if we practice an art form it is important that we are motivated that our art should benefit and enrich the world, not just ourselves. Art can easily become a way to solidify and enlarge our egos. This can be psychologically unhealthy. If on the other hand we have the altruistic motivation that our art should inspire, uplift and enlighten our communities and the world then it will be an act of generosity in the spirit of selfless service, which will carry a positive vibration for the world and ourselves and raise the frequency in the world.
Be the change you want to see!
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