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The buddha Amitayus of infinite life energy and wakefulness

These two verses of tantric poetry express ultimate self-confidence. From the Magical Net of the Knowledges-Holders, the guru vidyadharas, here are two profound verses, declarations of ultimate confidence, the self-confirmation of our timeless, divine nature.
The tantric culture uses a powerful metaphor: the lotus flower blooming in a muddy swamp. The tantric perspective is to see things from the inside rather than on the surface level only. Our consciousness is by nature already pure and perfect, just like the lotus flower’s color, scent and honey are pure and perfect, the very moment it has blossomed. That is why a vidyadhara master can be so self-confident and why trainees on the tantric path are allowed to reaffirm this confidence in being what we really are.

Deities of utmost purity
Who hold the strength of wakeful knowing
Intrinsic to myself since the beginning
Complete within the basic vajra sphere.

Undivided wisdom and samaya
Of one taste within awakened mind
Through empowerment and wondrous blessings
Self-present as the fourfold kayas’ sphere.

Original Tibetan from Padmasambhava’s words revealed by Chokgyur Lingpa
English lyrics & vocals: Erik Pema Kunsang
Music & vocals: Tara Trinley Wangmo
Piano and production: Niels Erichsen

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    Very beautiful and instructive, but i can’t read it all… Little by little!

    1. Erik Pema Kunsang Author

      These lines are vajra statements, deep and eloquent. In the Tibetan original, the poetry is just outstanding.

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