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Ever since, I took up yoga, it has tapped my inspiration deeper and refined my personality. Yoga gives me an incredible high for my creative expression by easing my body, quieting my mind, and getting in touch with my true self. I have always been passionate about art from an early age and yoga influences the type of art work I create, by allowing me to doodle my thoughts with ease on sheets. Some of my best art works have emerged, after an intense Yoga practice. Yoga has helped me attain focus in life and channelize my energy in the right direction.

I would like to say yoga is not only an exercise, but it is a lifestyle which must be inculcated into every human’s life. Once incorporated, it transforms your mindset towards life.

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Jugnu Agarwal

Jugnu Agarwal

Jugnu Agarwal is a certified yoga teacher from Bangalore, India. Her teaching integrates dynamic vinyasa flow (linking movement with breath) hatha, prayanama with the application of precise alignment, visualization, intension and prayers to create an inner journey towards healing and empowerment. She likes to blend classical yoga and modern techniques along with meditation practices to establish optimal health, wellness, and spiritual awareness. She believes personal sadhana and svadhyaya helps one grow more than anything else in their practice and journey. Her inclination to art helps her grasp more from nature and keeps her free spirited.

All art by Jugnu Agarwala. India

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  1. José M. Tirado

    Love it! Vivid, easy to smile at, and inspiring. Please do more art like this (you could easily do a children´s yoga book with these) Best, José

  2. Avatar

    Thanks mam, noting your qualifications, could you please explain the visualization behind the 1st vajra of Tibetan yoga. The video am talking about can be found on youtube practiced by lama norbu. The question was asked before please forgive redundantcy cannot figure it out

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