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Run far and fast from what commercial hypnosis sells us! Run from what it tells us! It says no one can be well most of the time, in flow with their rhythm, in touch with their rhyme. Must trauma and drama be every day things that we just accept as life clips our wings? There are interests that would like us to think so! They want us in fear so we’ll pay for the beer and all the false protection that their rigged elections make believe they return us. We give them our hope. They burn us.

But freedom from the anger and confusion caused to us by paying attention to these miscreants can become our full time mental residents when we wave goodbye to all the false evidence and climb over status quo’s fence, the fence that keeps us locked out and blocked off from happiness. Once free of the lies and bad news that we learned, it is easy to see how savage minds turned us by twisting our history for their selfish purpose, without any regard for truth or good service.

How much of our lives is a bad figment of someone else’s imagination? Who is in charge? Why don’t they do a better job? What is it that stops us from stopping them? How did it get so bad and go on so long? It doesn’t matter. Bygones, by definition, are gone.Here in the present tense, some immediate issues need to be addressed.

Why settle for less than being your best? Even when we can’t improve what life gives, we can always improve how we deal with it. Of course some earthly action is beyond our hold but a much bigger fraction is within our control. We can timidly cower when shit hits the fan, or fan out our feathers and make a strong stand. To choose a direction with courageous inflection is our greatest power, if we rise to the hour.

Basic freedom from psychic dry rot isn’t basic for everyone. Some folks get warped and stay bent, ignoring great opportunities to reinvent themselves. Choosing wiser ways up can prevent a fall down, keeping head in the sky, but feet on the ground. It is always our choice to wear horns or the crown.

Everyone seems to think that the way they feel is what defines real. What does the word real really mean? Responses to this question include brilliant profanity, range from joy to insanity, from serious and weighty to flat out inanity. Answers fall in line according to whoever is seeing the real, and what they have seen of real in the past. Real is so fluid and changes so fast. So many illusory imprints that we are fed get remembered and last, as the facts all too often get passed to oblivion. With truth in oblivion, our criterion for judging anything becomes suspect. Subjectively manufactured definitions of real house delusions. These delusions inspire reactions that range from dangerous passivity to manic activity.

It can be frustrating and confusing when you seem to be losing familiar reference points. Defensive fear can steer anyone near to the far edge of his or her sanity, if we believe that such self-centered inanity is the core around which humanity is based. No, you lying bastards! I’m not going to get the girl if I buy your cologne, or car, or whatever else you are selling. There’s no telling how many people are smelling your cologne at home alone while you make love to the profits you’ve stolen from their hopes and dreams with your cold, clever, calculated advertising schemes. Now only those who think they have nothing left to lose can afford trust. Too much of so-called reality is built on commercial greed that likes to feed on the programmed need of its victims.

Not me! I’m relaxed. I’ll no longer be grinding my ax because someone else makes up my facts. Everyone knows by now that facts don’t always tell the truth. Ask the average citizen in a voting booth! But frustration and anger only hurt the self. They rarely give us what we could call help. Even righteous indignation isn’t righteous anymore. There is no time, good purpose, or need to plant seed that can breed even more discontent in this world where most of what’s real has already been spent. It is time to repair the unreal in the air. This seems only fair. We did put it there.

Deeper freedom insists on taking back all the misused time that can slip through the cracks. Better to taste it than waste it. That time can be used to sit, breathe, and not-think. To not-think is more intoxicating than any drink. It shows the common sense in living immense based upon love’s recompense, without manic defense caused by fear that’s intense. Deeper insights of a valuable kind arise more easily to the quiet mind.

Freedom doesn’t mean perfection. Like it or not, some external things can’t be changed. Accepting whatever presents itself while we mine each situation for educational wealth keeps us sane. Each painful stain offers something to gain that in the long run assists body and brain. What things cannot be changed, we simply must endure. This is a sad fact of which you can be sure. There are options, but there is no choice. There is no discussion here. Save your voice. We will age and see death when we’d rather rejoice. But rewards come to those making effort with care in the places where progress can conquer despair. There’s no doubt this will happen if we point toward repair.

Every victim has the freedom to create immediate reincarnation as a non-victim by dissolving attachment to negative history. Getting life past the past is what solves that life’s mystery. Patience gives us freedom from a lot of aggravation that affects people who have no patience. The frustration of trying to control things that cannot be controlled ties freedom in knots. Patience can untie those knots and prevent future tangles. It sees other angles.

Happiness, like freedom, attracts itself. It draws together like-minded circumstances and then freely dances in the magnetism that relates them. That magnetism negates isolation through the firm preservation of the union between our selves and others. With strangers, allies, enemies, or brothers this magnetism may vary in style, strength, and duration, but refuses negation of Natural Law’s regulation of interdependence under any circumstance. This magnetism tells of an immortal law that says we all together are at our core one singular unit of organic humanity. This law carries more weight than the simultaneous facts that show separate humans doing singular acts. We can admit that this Natural Law rules or deny it, like fools. It is as real as gravity. These magnetic forces bind us as a unit while allowing individuality. They tie us together while setting us free.

Treating everyone and ourselves very well is a refusal to enter the gates of those hells that tell the story all too well of the millions of people resigned to a fate that they hate in a world they waste time to berate instead of making it great through intelligent efforts that they could propagate.

If, with no compromise, we open our eyes to the best possibility in each situation, we then can avoid that mental masturbation that informs us that we are bad boys and girls that do not deserve a harmonious world. This cultural stroking is guilt-fed, depressive, and aggressively regressive. The original sin was allowing manipulators to convince us that we are guilty of some Original Sin. How much can an idea really be worth that says we are already doomed souls at birth? This inherited fault is a tragically comic mix, and a nonsensical paradox can never be fixed in the form that it has taken. It is like buying a brand new thing that’s already breaking. We’ve accepted a bold-faced psychological lemon that is based on superstition, instead of the blessing of our own intuition. “That’s just the way it is” is not a historical given! We manufacture the way it is daily. Freedom always allows changes through choices. Defending this right is worth our loudest voices.

The present tense is our only true source of sense. It is always here and now. The past is long gone. Future never arrives. Where we are is the only place we live our lives. Deeper freedom evicts historical angers with a rapid goodbye. This prevents negative history from blocking positive mystery. By keeping the past in the past, obstacles vanish quite quickly. The present gets healthy though the history was sickly. Most lacks of deeper freedoms are self-inflicted wounds. Long ago traumas plague folks to their tombs, unless remedied. As the nonsense within starts to whither and die, the memories that used to block our great high finally realize they don’t own us. Nice bonus!

External evils cannot get comfortable within a loving and comfortable person’s skin. They cannot find an entryway, there’s no place to get in. This is my skin to wear as I please! There will be no submission to evil or sleaze. The most noticeable thing about deeper versions of freedom is that they are within each individual’s own command, although other folks can certainly lend us a hand. We shine brighter as we grow to understand that perfecting our own instrument gets us into the band. It is an inside job, an attitude thing. Each of us chooses which tune we will sing.

Through strength, love, and empathy lives are made great. Call it good karma or golden rule, all can relate. Keeping freedoms within the golden rule is the way to insure that life always stays cool. Freedom of speech doesn’t allow us to yell Fire! in a crowded theater, unless the theater is actually on fire. Then yelling, Fire! becomes a fulfilled obligation, a thing of great beauty, and a sweet civic duty instead of criminal mischief.

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Doug Ten Rose

Doug Ten Rose

Albert Einstein said, “Once you accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.” Doug “Ten” Rose has metaphorically worn stripes with plaid all his life. He has thirty years experience raising funds at street level for various causes, often while working under very adverse personal circumstances. He has invented and directed charity projects involving rock stars, pro sports teams, a governor, mayors, and senators. These projects raised awareness and large sums of money for others. Much of this was done while Tenzin remained homeless and panhandled for food money on the streets. Doug's website He has recently written two amazing books, Fearless Puppy on American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense. True to Ten’s form, all author profits from these books will be donated to sponsor Wisdom Professionals (beginning with but not exclusive to Tibetan Nuns and Monks). Ten is a graduate of heroin addiction and death, as well as thirty-five years and over a hundred thousand miles of travel without ever driving a car, having a bank account, telephone, or a bill in his name. He may be the most comedic smartass as well as one of the most entertaining survivors of the hitchhiking adventurers that used to cover America’s highways. The term “crazy wisdom” is often used, but rarely meets its match the way it does in this author. Ten Rose and his work are a vibrant part of the present and future as well as an essential remnant of a vanishing breed.

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    Exact explanation of rational freedom. Every mindful being is made of psychosomatic complexion. Except man, every being has essential freedom with living limitations. The final fact of previous; Only man has ruined natural freedom of nature which is responsible to create abnormal sense of every being. Dr Sudhakar

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