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Blessid love it life,
Upon the summit, wife… kiss
Divine gifts given galore,
Mellowmax with Rinpoche saying, more pure
Poetic, inspiration…
Sun rises beautitude,
Elevation heights,
Take flight to empyreans elude
Boudoir marital bed, for moods, dynamic dance,
Positive steps on the good foot
Strutt natural enhance khemistry…
Beloved, heavenly, bestow,
The wisdom to not know,
Embrace the nonconceptual…
Rivulets of karmashya…
Passion’s fire subsides
The relative and ultimate unified, eyes Heru clear the third…
Recline to Byrd’s blues
Abandoned views of Icarus types,
Therapeutic as heartdrops write,
Dawn to midnight,
Twilights of lucidity…
Calm, serene zen-like, tranquility just sittin’
Missions the coffle,
Donuts…Yo, I got you!

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I am a visual artist, poet, writer, music producer and dzogchen practitioner. I’m also an amateur photographer & keen etymologist. I use my artistic expressions as a means to positively uplift others with the old school motto P.E.A.C.E = Positive. Energy. Activates. Constant. Elevation. Yeshen's Soundcloud presence.

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