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We are fellow travelers. All of us. Many people have gone before us on the great adventure trail. They have expressed knowledge and compassion in wonderful and colorful ways. We have been on a spiritual journey since beginningless time. Our nature is something wonderful.

The open mind of kindness is our naturally present potential.

The most basic way to restart or continue our spiritual journey, is to express this simple commitment to nonviolence: I will try my best to respect, protect and nurture this life I have and this mind I am. I will respect, protect and nurture the lives and minds of others. I’ll use every opportunity, the best I can, to acknowledge our shared sacredness.

No matter what kind of detour, this simple commitment is enough to continue on our endless path of awakening. The courage to remember and continue our individual journey arises from deep within, but something or someone inspires you to sense that more insight and even greater love is possible. It resonates with the timeless and irresistible tone in our deepest seat of consciousness. Its effect is that we feel empowered to reconnect and continue.

In this timelessness, we discover that every state of mind and attitude is workable and that we are capable of expanding to bring forth our innermost being, in a raw and unpretentious way. Opportunities open up in every living moment, to deepen the journey and confirm our finest and innermost qualities. The open mind of kindness assures that no daily activities is a detour from the spiritual path and a trip to the local shop can be a part of the journey.

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Featured image by Karin Henseler, Germany. Photo of child by Petra, Austria.

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