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Most of it is forever now.
an emptying, recovering, trust to be…

I arrived in this ancient venture
I’ve no where to go
but to where I am already.

They call it crazy and they are…
You don’t have other place to be
but here, to complete.

I be the deathless of it
a difference, uniting!

For truth that too trembles,
to meet me.

say it lets you, say it takes…
you are but actless in it
disorder apparently, mostly.

About the Author
Maheshwor Dhital

Maheshwor Dhital

Maheshwor is a poet. He loves to meditate in deep woods, dance around fire. He likes the bends, dramatic curves that wild in you, for love. He writes to celebrate oneness and shares space within him in joy. He is from Kathmandu, and what is "not" of him is from where you are.

Photo by Flemming Ryborg, Denmark. Model:Tanya Mannole.

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