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How does one describe the indescribable?
What sweet flowing words can I use to invoke the proper image in your heart?

All that there is, exists within “Reality;”
And yet where is Reality located?
And when is it happening too?

Reality is within itself
It’s an Inside without any Outside
And that’s a funny thing to say.

Yet it’s needful to say it
In order to have a place
When one is yearning for a home.

For there is no “where,”
No “when,” no “other than”
Outside of Reality, we can say.

But truly, Reality is no “thing”
To speak of either way—
For what could we really say?

No where, no when, nor apart
Reality is the “other than” accompanying
All things existing within.

But we give it a name, tho we should not,
To forego even the possibility of vertigo
And it’s just and right that Reality should be known

So let’s call it “Eternity” too.
It’s an appropriate name for Reality
That consists in all things happening Now.

This Now that never ends
No matter how much time goes by
For Time is Eternity’s Presence.

What other could it do?
A roiling plenum of Time
Spontaneously already its View.

Never not appearing—No thing to stop or start the day
The Light of Eternity its energetic difference
No darkness ever holds its sway.

And because of choices made Now
Times, brilliantly flashing, shuddering, roaring their way through,
Erupt suddenly, spontaneously, filling Eternity wondrously,

And each is given a name.
But no where other than this
Will we find the error of our view.

It’s all just show, you see
This wondrously timely dis-play,
For Time is all that Reality is!

There is no place, no other than
Time; flashing brilliantly in awesome resonance…
What else could Eternity do?

But what is Time,
This thing that Eternity must be?
Why it’s nothing other than This!

We can try to pull it apart, searching for its seams,
But never other than this will be: Now!
The Eternal Clear Timeless Awareness of Reality, its View.

Yet that is all redundancy
For Reality, named Eternity, is all Time too
Within this Eternal View.

Call it Awareness…
Call it Timeless…
Call it Clear and Eternal too…

Call it Reality…
Call it Eternity…
I think them all, in all their redundancy.

Eternal Wisdom, known formally,
Is everything it does…
The deeds done by Eternity in Time

All the while thinking that it’s you.

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James is a writer, philosopher, contemplative practitioner and theorist, living in the Dordogne region of France, where he runs a Bed & Breakfast. He was formerly a software engineer in New York, as well as a university professor of philosophy where he taught Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Nature, and meditation. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Photo by Reimund Bertrams, Germany.

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