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What inglorious time did provoke my fall,
That joys are confined and cheerless soul,
Now cries for retreat to merry lands,
Could someone drag those praying hands.

Eyes so corrupt were once of your lad,
Now dies to see a glimpse of glad,
Some flaw did ruin me cherished day,
And cursed me down for so long stay.

My words are wounded by sinful sound,
And instinct to commit has lost its bound,
I plea for no more stay in place,
Where dwells no love and neither bless.

How long will take to travel back,
To reach the home by early track.

About the Author
Dawa Dhundup

Dawa Dhundup

I am student from Darjeeling, India, very fond of photography, poetry and adventures. Finished bachelor degree and continuing masters. Life is simple, for I think that way. Religion is more simple for me - practice compassion, stay true to your heart and never forget that the greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said.

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