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Uncover your true self
Why are you so disheartened?
Even this endless time is looking
For your essence!
Chains of perceptions,

Preconceived ideas, that have bounded you as garments
Melt and make them

You are unshakable
As a mountain
Vast as a sky
Still, why you
Are in such a state?

All this time you
Clung to ideas, fears, worry
Made them anchor

Attached to belief of others
Saw yourself from their eyes,
Wanting them to
Like you

Your desire to become
More of some and less
Of others , consuming you

Understand they are nothing
But comical formations
Of your confuse mind
Attached to desires
Attachments, delusions

Understand the layers
Of deception
Let it go
Let it go

It is just a beginning
Let go of desires, goals
Ambitions , likes, dislikes

All those memories
Good, bad neutral
Collecting dust
In your mind

List keep growing
Things not done
Does it matter?

Who cares
What is future, past, present

Does it matter
However far is death awaits

Cremate this web
Of delusions
You are not a
Holy flame In Temple

You are fire of
Burn this rubbish
You are revolution

Let go, let go
But, don’t let go of

In this moment
You are “you”
Just Be who you are…

Hold your head high
That even sky will shake
And if even a drop
Of tear will fall
A earthquake will come..
You are pure, raw and divine

Just realize you are
You just swallowed
The sun
You are face to face
With great bright light

Fog is clear
You have found yourself
You are blossoming
Everything is clear
There are new paths
There are “no” paths

It doesn’t matter
You don’t care
Even if you disappear
Without a trace

You are soaking
Self in sun and moon
You are radiant and bright

You are face to face with
Bright light

You have found your true home
Your true self
Be true to your being

Go, uncover your
“True self”!

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Seema is an occupational therapist, Reiki and meditation teacher, and a writer. She loves creativity in every thing that life has to offer, hiking, traveling and cooking. Originally from India, now settled in Arizona, US. She has two teenage kids, one girl with non - verbal Autism, who is an inspiration and drive to help find her inner strength. Seema's vision is to help families with special kids , in coping with everyday stresses to be more grounded so they can find their innate strength themselves and set up programs in special schools about meditation and mindfulness.

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