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Oh black drongo!
Oh my friend and neighbor!

You roamed in the front for days,
You played on sideways for weeks.
We gained familiarity and gave company for months
And I started seeing an acquaintance in you.

I remember the day you brought your first twig
And laid the foundation of your nest sweet.
I scared you first and you almost left
But amused by your beauty, I let.
Later your diligence and discipline earned my respect
And we became neighbors close.

You completed your nest, simple and beautiful;
Hatched your chicks, cared with love;
Tender and unconditional
And you showed me a heart of rose.

I saw a kind mother in you,
A trustworthy friend in you,
And when you gazed straight at me one day,
I saw a wise being in you
And we quietly held our conversation that day.

I remember a day of great rain and thunder
When branches were barely hanging to trees.
When even in that horror, you held your nest firm,
I saw a brave warrior in you,
And I saw the branches bow down at you.

When your young one grew,
Flapping its wings, clearing its beak,
You mentored him skillfully,
Moved to the branch at the side,
And we all saw a young lad launching its flight.

It had been some days that you all left,
Leaving an empty nest,
A quite Siris tree,
A lonely neighbor.

With no bondage, and sorrow,
Accepting things as they come and go,
When I saw you flying freely in the sky above,
My friend, I saw a liberated being in you
And a curious, little bird in me,
Wondering and contemplating
How I too could take one day
A flight of a Drongo!

About the Author
Jigme Lama

Jigme Lama

Jigme Lama aka Nar Lama has been a rural development worker in Nepal since 1996. His quest for finding answers to the issues of societies and individuals at tough times led to deeper interactions with the meditation masters of his homeland, eventually becoming practitioner under their guidance. Besides, he continues his work as a social worker, and operator of charity and deep immersion tours. He studied MA, Rural Development, and BA with a Buddhist studies major from Tribhuvan University.

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  1. Jigme

    Thank you Caroll La ! I am happy to know you liked it. I will try to continue writing and hope that the guidance from peers, like yourself continues.

  2. Avatar

    Beautiful! Look forward to more beautiful poetry expressing your sensitive nature Jigme la.

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