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With life’s ceaseless hurdles, I imagine my dear fellow being banging their pity head on pillows, supposedly hitting their skull hard, wracking their brain, wondering and almost wishing that it pop out, frantically to see what is there that makes one forget. Forgetfulness is sickening at times especially during life’s important decisions.

However, on occasions, it amazingly serves as a therapy. Forgetting is, with no return the subtext of forgiving. Often one finds it too difficult to forgive oneself and others and end up praying overnight that things should work out smooth by morning or whatever terrible is happening right now, be another crazy nightmare. These are not mere thoughts; we are but sincerely asking for forgiveness where fresh beginnings can be begun, new dreams dreamt and healthy loves and hopes spread. We are but beseeching for another chance to forget, to forgive.

Forgetfulness is an instinct mechanism men cannot deny but rather admit that it carries its loaded shades of beauty.
Good luck to all my fellow being.

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Jigme Zangmo

Jigme Zangmo

I am Jigme Zangmo from Bhutan. I graduated from College of Natural Resources under Royal University of Bhutan in B. Sc Sustainable Development. Besides academic, I spent my time reading social and spiritual books that uncover beauty and struggles of all beings that is bound within. I am in process of learning to write and my works are as amateur as this article but I always dream to write better and spread love. This article inspires me to learn how to move on in life. I hope it does the same to all the readers.

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