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A poem for Yeshe. 

As the iridescent clouds appear,
The seductive signs of spring sing,
Interpenetrating, provocative poems to you.
Blossoming trees fall as koto notes blue sublime.

As clarifications of summers mist,
Apparitional shine so.
Our kadak love probed into the depthless depths,
Flow rich infusion.
As one season magically morphs, our invaluable bond remains.

Broken samsara’s chains,
Looking upon your exceptional beauty.
Reification free, we during four seasons of change,
Remain co-related.

Blissful bliss at harvest exhilarated.
Upon a marvelous array of abundant fruit.

The lush valley floor,
I adore vernacular free.
A banquet of romance moonlit,
By sea, engage.
Without antithetical views,
Our page auspicious.

Four seasons of bliss.
A kiss whispered most delicious, upon my coptic forms.

I await,
Yet one more,
Yeshe love!!!

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I am a visual artist, poet, writer, music producer and dzogchen practitioner. I’m also an amateur photographer & keen etymologist. I use my artistic expressions as a means to positively uplift others with the old school motto P.E.A.C.E = Positive. Energy. Activates. Constant. Elevation. Yeshen's Soundcloud presence.

Photo by Dieter Robbins, Austria. Music from Hana-bi (1997) directed by Takeshi Kitano;
soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi.

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