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Listen to your favorite piece of music. Usually we think that we hear better by concentrating and focusing, but it is only apparently true. We hear much better by staying unoccupied. This is the secret, how to stay open instead of being closed.

Now listen to a person speaking. If you sit and formulate your response or have something else on your mind while the other person is talking, that’s being closed. You miss what the other person says, and you miss the depth of the moment. That’s how life becomes superficial and the experience is limited to the inside of our own bubble. There is another way, an intelligent presence.
Presence means readiness, ready to hear, ready to understand. This readiness is simply to be conscious. Host the present moment. Let meaning unfold.

Exercise friendly ears daily. Allow your intelligent presence as a small pause, attentive and collected. The pause is to set aside what you have in mind. This opens up for direct and immediate intelligence. Explore how you notice and understand more clearly.
The advantage of listening with friendly ears is multiple. You hear and sense your fellow human beings and they feel heard by you. Friendliness and intelligence combine to show creative solutions and splendid ways of fulfilling needs. After all, it is not the ears that hear, but consciousness.

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