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friends are precious and rare
like jewels on a mystical island that you are sometimes searching for in your clear dreams.

when you cry or feel sad and low out of the blue
friends cannot help but get up from their cushion and take you in their arms
to comfort you and make you feel shine again like sparkling rainbow lights.

when your mind circles tirelessly around yourself
entangled with the same old stories that hinder you from being happy and relaxed
friends cannot help but gently and with no doubt tell you to loosen the knots
of your selfmade tensions once and for all times.

when you sink deeply into moaning and lamentation
friends cannot help but show you the brighter sides of your life.

be sure –
there is always a brilliantly shining sun behind the darkest clouds
that will break through a heavy grey sky lightening up the spheres.

when you look gloomy and with melancholia into your ever same days
they give you a smile and tell you stories of wisdom and insight of their own experiences
as a hint for you to find back to your inner eternal knowledge of great bliss.

when you create mental concepts of yourself nourished by illusory apparitions
friends cannot help but show you who you really are and always have been to them
a wonderful and unique magical being since you were little and even before.

because you have always been perfect to them
because you have always been divine and precious to them
because they see you from their pure perception.

friends cannot help but love you –
as you in your natural beauty perfectly enriched with translucent stains and spots
are a reflection of their own virgin view.

appreciate your friends and be enchanted by their splendid gifts
be sure –
you cannot help but be a noble friend
some day you will find the mystical island solely filled with precious jewels.

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Sonja-Maria Teufel-Schmarsli

Sonja-Maria Teufel-Schmarsli


In the South of Germany I am running a little hotel. I enjoy meeting and taking care of my guests and like to connect people who didn´t know each other before for any possible project. I love writing poetry, painting and getting in contact with the unlimited abbundance of nature by observing, breathing and comtemplating. I search to keep things simple and somehow try to integrate all daily experiences into the Dharma. Sonja-Maria's website.

Photo by Ben Kerckx, Belgium.

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    Lovely Sonja !
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