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Sex is a mood.
It excites me, to not know when or where, if ever again? I resist to control, I am a woman, I am open, I fear, I thrive; I foster hopes and dreams, for you to explore. My mind is crazy like waves of feelings, the heat; I need more. You are bubbling in me, the sexual energy, gives me many pictures to draw, midnight sleep, deep moving, slow, slow, slow, pleasure. Excites me, warms me, nurtures me, I shine, I am alive, I am the sex, you are the sex, the sex is us. Us, sex. Sex, sex, sex…
I can allow it to overturn my inner world, my feelings and my thoughts until I reach despair. I can keep it under control, ice it out with pure reason and never let it touch me. I can allow it to infuse my body, my heart, my senses, with tingling notes of happiness and warmth. I can wear that mood in all my actions, if I really dare.

Sex is energy.
A meeting, an exchange. A thought transmitted, electricity, spark. Connection. I see you, you see me. Energy makes us move. Magnetizes me to you.

Sex is action.
Action for the sake of pleasure. There are many positions to be explored, some are exciting, some are mellow, some soft, some harder, some freaky, some uncomfortable, but every position holds a flavor that needs to be known.

Sex is art.
I read your moves, your sounds, your wordless words, I design my body for you, my tongue plays a melody, I express, I yield, I direct and let go, exploring the world of the senses. I open my eyes and meet yours. We don’t know where we are going, it’s still a mystery.

Sex is conscious.
Breathing in, breathing out, presence, awareness. Trusting myself, trusting you. Vulnerable surrender, openness. Love resides here, where souls meet and bliss is never-ending. Energy moves by itself, I let it move, surrender to the bliss that penetrates my whole body, being present and bliss is mine to keep. All my cells and all my nerves, called out to embrace this sweet nectar. We share it under the sheets, with loving touches, I know now, how and where to reach, to excite you more and how to welcome the sweetness of your longing.

Sex is power.
Coiled up under us, is a force of power. Let it surge, let it burn slow and strong. Do not kill the heat with your carelessness. It is a fire, burning slow, heating up your body, warming your cold heart, fills you up with godlike lust for life. Do not ignore it, listen to its calling, it calls for you to be full.

Sex is union.
We no longer fear the dance of intensity. We just let bare what is. Our rawness exposed searches for greater care, for deeper understanding. Compassion is the fragrance that holds this space. Awkward it is, but we step lightly. Your features are now seen, what a beautiful being, that can stand in such light. We form a bond unspoken of; I have touched your tender heart. I use softness to look deeper, playfulness to overcome, wisdom to let be. I am you in you, and you are in me.

Sex is healing.
I let go into your depth of warmth and you carry me, as if I am light as a feather. I show you all that have hurt me and you open your arms, welcoming me. I shiver in deep surrender; your willingness to open up and share your inner landscapes heals me.

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Sascha Alexandra Aurora

Sascha Alexandra Aurora is educated in aesthetic communication and linguistics. A singer and songwriter, she loves people, life, creativity and traveling. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

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    This is a prose poem that announces the glory and then celebrates the experience. It grazes the bubble skin of space.

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