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The more vulnerable you are willing to be, the more invincible you are. Quite often vulnerability is felt as a weakness, being at the mercy of other people’s self-centered demands. It calls for courage and how do we find this courage? The shieldless naked heart is the armor of the true warrior. The very moment we take a step back from what we call ourselves and allow room enough in the field of experience, this inner spaciousness is the most wonderful medicine against fear, claustrophobia and the timidity of dualistic mind.

We could explore this paradox a little more. It’s a strange fact. Rather than talking about hypothetical situations from the past, explore it now, in the present. The training in open heart is the most authentic meditation practice.

Allowing room in yourself completely transforms the warfare mentality of ego, regarding each sound, each moment of seeing as a possible opponent. The weapons of display hurled towards you turn into a rain of flowers that move freely through the vastness of open mind.

This is transcending duality, being victorious in the battle. The courage to experience in a raw and naked manner ensures victory in each moment, beyond winning and losing. In this open way of experiencing, we discover how vulnerability makes our naked heart truly invincible.

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Translator of ancient Buddhist scriptures, author, bridge-builder to modern life, Buddhist teacher & meditation instructor. Board of director at 84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha. Founder of Rangjung Yeshe Publications and LEVEKUNST art of life. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author. Erik's website & retreats.

Black and white photo by Florent Chaudemanche, Viêt Nam &  photo of dandelion Brigitte Werner, Canada.

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  1. Beautiful crisp article. In fact the presence of firm willingness to be vulnerable/exposed is the sign that because of greater level of understanding of oneself his/her ego level has come down considerably or he/she has enough courage to resist the influence of conditioning (compulsive habitual thinking) .

    To have such state is not so easy. There are a no of methods prescribed by various wise men, but I think observing one’s own thoughts, speech and actions is the easiest and least mental energy consuming and no separate time is required for that.

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