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As someone for years who has walked on the naked earth without shoes as shield, my experience is that barefooted people experience the earth’s unlimited healing energy through having contact with the ground. The changing characteristics of the topsoil are a pure delight and give a clear sense of presence. It heightens body awareness and forms a real connection with nature. After a year or so going barefoot, it feels as if full awareness has reached the toes. Naturally, the feet avoid stepping on something unfortunate, iron or glass. They tread with natural caution and gentleness for every blade of grass, every piece of creation. Sharp rocks or hot sand is no hindrence. I don’t always recall the name of a place I have been, but I have connected with its soil and rocks, left my footprints and the soles of my feet have kissed the ground.

In fact, I see only one drawback to walking barefoot: people look at you as if you are deranged, poor and even disgusting. Perhaps it’s an exaggeration, but there are people who loathe seeing bare feet.
Walking barefoot is not only natural, science has now proved that it reduces many kinds of ailments, lifestyle diseases and barriers for mental presence. We are electrical beings and daily physical contact with the ground restores and maintains the body’s electric balance.

Negative electrons have the same function as antioxidants: they neutralize free radicals and fight internal inflammation. This inflammation is regarded as a significant contributor to aging and to most of our time’s diseases like arthritis, atherosclerosis, asthma, allergies, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Along with the Earth’s pulse, the Schumann frequency of 7,83Hz, contact with the naked earth can synchronize the biological clock, the hormonal cycle and other physiological rhythms.

Modern lifestyle, including the use of footwear with rubber or plastic soles, has hindered us from connecting with the earth’s vital energy and it has, among other things, resulted in many ailments, in pain, fatigue, stress and poor sleep. Something to be conscious about.
Well, it’s cool to be a barefooted savage.

On another note, in Colombo, Sri Lanka there is wonderful sanctuary called Barefoot. It’s created by Barbara Sansoni, an artist, writer and designer. This cultural oases offers apart from artistic beauty and elegance also a bookshop, craftsmanship, natural colored garments and good vegetarian food. I took a picture of this native beauty in Barefoot bathroom.

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Healthy feet photo by  Lorenz Kerscher

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