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Happy Anniversary, circle of artists, writers and readers.
Today marks two years since the first article appeared in LEVEKUNST art of life. Since then the circle of artists and writers has grown to 158 authors. Within a flower mandala of creativity together we have shared and inspired true values of kindness and insights. With 553 articles of essays, poetry and art read in 218 countries, Levekunst is a success that we can be proud of. Skimming through the articles and subjects gives a feeling that we all have created something intriguing and worthwhile.

To be working with you has been a tremendous joy. To make so many new friends, to read your perspectives, practical solutions, moving personal stories, to be made aware of how we personally experience our existence in so many nuances of depth and beauty, has enriched the lives of us and thousand of others. Together as a circle we have collected valid and many-faceted insights into our human condition. We are, as poet Jacqueline Gens so eloquently put it, “a gracious inclusion of writers, yogis and artists out in the trenches for an extraordinary chronicle of these times.”

Although at times it may feel like a lot of work to write, edit and publish an article, please remember that these articles are read and enjoyed almost daily in all parts of the world. In this way, Levekunst is a manifestation of our mutual openness and humanity. As we aim for timeless value, we have no old news. In this spirit we will continue Levekunst. Your generous and continuous effort makes Levekunst a free and enriching place to be. As poet Karma Dendup said about Levekunst, “You just might bump into yourself.”

Happy birthday with our warmest wishes and love,
Erik and Tara.

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Tara Karmeshvari

Tara Karmeshvari

Art of Life artist & promoter of all living beings' right to freedom and enlightenment. Founder of LEVEKUNST.com. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

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  1. Hildy Maze

    Congratulations! You add beauty and integrity to what is otherwise a chaotic place.
    Thank you,
    Hildy Maze

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