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I was asked to write a little on an experience I have had with healing my body from Ankylosing Spondylitis. In short I took the Red Elm tree as medicine. This tree, the inner dried bark of the tree have been used as a remedy for a number of ailments for thousands of years by the north American natives and is in use in traditional Chinese medicine. From being dependent on morphine every day for years and my doctor suggesting me using a walking frame as I could not walk 20 meters, to 95% of my pain is gone and the only thing left is my weight, well not completely, I still have a number of things to work on, looks like the body have a cellular memory of the pain and sickness you go through and keep a kind of readiness just in case. Well from being totally in front of the door to another life to having a future I thank the Red Elm tree.
I came upon this path of healing thanks to an Australian friend who is into TCM, traditional Chinese medicine. She has horses and during many years has healed both herself and the animals with the Red Elm.
The way I do it: I use a 3 dl jar with a lid, pour 1 full teaspoon bark powder in it, then 2 dl water, shake vigorously and down with it fast! It tastes like sawdust. It is sawdust. Morning – midday – evening, for at least 3 months.

A little on the why!
I do not pretend to know much about healing, I am just a normal dude living in Gothenburg in Sweden, but having been submerged into agonizing pain, I had to learn. What I know now is that few things heal the body; if you get a broken bone, or blood poisoning or snake bite or something, then you need a doctor. But except from these external factors, it is the body that heals itself. So to give the body an ability to do what it does best is, with the exception of the above, always the thing to do. Most medications given today by Western medicine treat symptoms, lull you into a state of anesthesia by taking away the pain, but you need that voice—the feeling, the scream of the body telling you something is wrong. It is the body’s way of telling you to change life.
Resent research all over the world show the utter importance of the gut bacteria in a healthy body. There are 10 times more bacteria, fungus and other organism in and on the human body than there are cells comprising the human organism. The human body is a biosphere of life living in symbiosis with bacteria and the world around it where bacteria come from.
Bacteria is the single most widespread organism on the planet and it is because of bacteria that there is any life on this rock tumbling through space we call home. Bacteria eat stone, release metals and such into the fungus of the soil, which in turn give it to plants which in turn give it to us. The real life of plants goes on under the surface of the soil, while the plants we see are just the sun-collectors giving energy to what goes on under our feet.
To have bacteria in our gut that lives in harmony with the outer world and our natural function on the planet gives health. To have wrong bacteria in the gut lead to misery and sickness, both in the body and in the mentality. Research has shown that acidic water in the body is the main problem in many ailments. The body’s water should have more or less exactly 7.4 pH. If not the brain goes into coma, it stops working. To compensate for low pH the body takes calcium from the bones to regulate a constant pH level. Research have shown that a low pH is also a perpetrator behind cancer. The cells are starved of oxygen in an acidic environment and as the cell dies it goes havoc. These days the medical industry tries to find a way to inject oxygen into the cells deprived of oxygen to stop cancer, while telling people to stop eating junk food does not seem like an option.
Now, while reading over what others say, both professionals and laymen like me, I have found that the following factors are important for giving the body the right environment to heal.
  • Bacteria,
  • Fungal infections,
  • Parasites,
  • Gut content,
  • pH level,
  • Mental attitude.
Bacteria communicate with the brain. Bacteria are in symbiosis with our body and brain, what kind of bacteria we foster in the gut will demand that kind of food to the brain. If you eat sugar, candy, sweets and so on your gut and the body’s water will become infected by candida and the candida will tell the brain that sugar is really really good to eat, that’s what we live on, we candida. So you walk around constantly craving more sugar. Now, you might think that you are a weak person who has no character. But sorry, you have nothing to do with this, nothing whatsoever; it is your gut bacteria and the fungal infection of candida in the internal restaurant of the body that has placed an order to the kitchen in the brain to go get what it likes. Kill the fungal infection and the craving is gone. Red Elm bark kills candida. It kills all kinds of fungal infections in the body, also those that many have under the nails.
Many of the strains of bacteria we have in the body are the same ones that you find in healthy soil. Our way of life, in which we never ever eat anything right out of the garden, deprives the gut of those kinds of bacteria that will keep your body healthy. The gut bacteria is responsible for most of the immune system of the body, it produces most of the endorphin’s, the hormone that makes us happy. Gut bacteria have, as do all organisms, survival on it top priority, so to keep the host in good health will be the number one thing to do by those bacteria that live in a healthy symbiosis with us. There are other bacteria that care null. Eating fermented vegetables, avoiding bad oils, eating right from the garden and giving the gut living vegetables ensures you a great health. Red Elm bark is highly effective in killing the particular types of gut bacteria, the fungal infections and the parasites that do not belong in the body.
Fungal infections; well I did go through that above to a large part.
Parasites; you have parasites! Most likely you do have parasites. Most people have them. They shit in your water. Get rid of them. The Red Elm bark clean out these violent tenants.
Gut content; what more to say? OK, yes, recent research in several countries have shown that mental attitude is highly dependent on right bacterial content of the gut, mental illnesses as depression, schizophrenia, autism and many more have it’s cause in faulty gut bacteria. Here is an article on this subject published in Scientific American: https://www.scientificamerican.com/…#
The original opening to this letter was a talk around severe pain related to sciatica. I too have 3 vertebrae in my back that are compressed. And after 9 months on the Red Elm the pain even there is significantly decreased. One disorder I had was severe osteoporosis. Osteoporosis create small fractures in the entire skeleton and this is really quite painful, so much of the pain with weak bones will be gone with the Red Elm bark, as it effectively makes the body’s water higher in pH. The body’s bones structure is then given the possibility to heal.
Might be I forgot to mention that the Red Elm bark has several other healing properties. It cures the acidic body, it is one of four herbs used by the native north Americans as a medicine against cancer, it kills bad bacteria in and on the body, it kills fungal infections and it kills parasites.
As I said, I am no professional in medicine. I write this out of my own experience of success with a single natural medicine. As we are all different I guess the results might vary, but not that much I think. I used the bark every day, morning, midday and evening for 3 months. After 1½ month the fungal infection in my nail disappeared never to return. I made a pause for 2 months then another 3 months on the bark. At the end of this time most of my back pain was gone and has not returned—well, sometimes I do feel weather shifts. My special illness started with the bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae, a bacteria you inherit from your parents and other adults as a child. This bacteria encapsulates itself in the intestines and is resistant to all antibiotics. It causes inflammation in the intestines that provokes the allergic reaction Bechterews sickness. This is according to a very resent research at Kings College in London; few doctors know about it. The Red Elm is as far as I know the only medicine that kill that bacteria. As you use the bark as medicine, be sure to eat a lot of fermented veggies.
One thing I forgot about the Red Elm bark is that it cures prostate problems. Prostate cancer is often the result of a sexually transmitted bacteria named Gardnerella Vaginalis. It encapsulates itself in the prostate and will most often not be seen even in a biopsy. In most men it is symptom free but will lead to cancer in the prostate. The Red Elm bark kills this bacteria very effectively, though it take some months to get rid of completely. To get results one will have to be persistent. One over full teaspoon 3 times a day is the recommended dose. I have checked this out through medical teaching universities in the US who use the bark for gut disorders.
The bark is not easy to find, I have fund one supplier that is reliable and cheap. If you like to know more, have a chat or find out where to buy it, tell me more about natural medicine, or whatever. Don’t be shy.
Notes: Measurements: 1 dl (deciliter) = 3.4 oz. Bechterew’s disease is also called Marie Strumpell disease, rheumatoid spondylitis, and ankylosing spondylitis.
Fermented veggies: 
How To Ferment Vegetables.


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    Where to get the reliable red elm inner bark powder? Thanks

    1. Nils Eldor Alterskjær

      Hello Suzanne, you will have to look around internet or shops in your home town depending on where you live. I buy mine from a small family farm in Sweden. As with everything it is sometimes hard to find good real stuff on internet or even in real life. Look up the family I buy it from; Örtagården i Salsta. It is in Sweden and I do not know if they ship worldwide.

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    I Will buy Red Elm bark and use it like you have done / Will tell you about the result / Thanx a lot 🍀

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