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Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich wrote in the beginning of the 20th century about sexuality as being central when it comes to human health. He, furthermore, pointed towards the importance of viewing sexuality as energy, which needed a release into flow in the body, in order for the body to remain healthy. Alexander Lowen followed through with research and writing on the topics of sexuality as spiritual energy, with an emphasis on love and restoration of the energetic body. Reich and Lowen represent two Western scientists, who emphasised the importance of regarding the body as an energy system. Reich with great opposition from the surrounding world. We have now moved into the 21st century, and it is time to finally release social constraints upon ourselves in order to attain a healthy body and healthy psychological, emotional and energetic presence.

Alexander Lowen

Sexual energies as a part of a good health

In reality, the free flow of sexual energies should be considered a part of a healthy state of being. This does not necessarily mean that we have to have sex all the time in order to be healthy. It also does not refer to the liberation of sexuality in the porn industry, or to polygamy as a life style. It rather points inwards, towards the physical body itself. From this perspective, it becomes a question of setting our energies in motion in our bodily system. Through this focus, we have an opportunity to release trauma and free energetic blockages, which are typically hindering us in experiencing a healthy energy flow, and contact to our natural creativity.

In the best case scenario, when blockages are released from the body-mind system, and we have learned to live with trauma from a place where it is no longer inhibiting our natural potentials too severely, sexual energy becomes one area that can vitalise the whole body. Sexual energy, which in the Taoist approach to sexuality is very close to chi or life force, and can actually do more than enlighten the individual in a spiritual manner, as we have learned from Hindu and Buddhist tantra. As it is released in the physical body, it, furthermore, has the potential to continuously massage and vitalise the inner organs of the body.

What kind of sexual activity can release life force?

Is it, then, any sexual activity that releases life force in this way? The simple answer would be no. Therefore, as we are talking about sexual activity, it is necessary to emphasise that I here regard sexual activity as primarily a tantric activity. The tantric approach is very natural. In fact, it is not at all about old religious scriptures or Asian philosophies per se. In reality, it is an inherent potential that we are all born with. But many of us have been cultured away from it. We need to learn to remember. And a way we can remember, is to place a focus on our sexuality that is not primarily focussed on friction sex, but rather with sexual activity that is aimed to stimulate the flow of energy, in order to release orgastic energies as whole body experiences that do not involve a primary focus on the genitals, however, involves the genitals. With this approach, we are moving towards sexuality being more than traditional understandings of sex. It comes to involve self-healing, and the idea that not only do we have potentials to prevent dis-ease and dis-comfort at physical and psychological levels as human beings, but we also have potentials to optimise our bodily structure, and to set ourselves free from within. We do need, however, to support our general health in order to achieve this.

Healthy diet

So, while working with techniques to release sexual energies in a healing manner, it is important to support this work with a healthy diet. The first step towards a healthy diet is not just the choice of what to eat, or to follow particular instructions from different health experts. It is actually to make oneself aware that the unfortunate condition of today’s society is that the primary goal of big businesses is to create profit. This means that food companies do not primarily focus upon the benefits of their products on the human body. They focus upon ways in which they can make people buy their products, and continue to buy their product, no matter if they are healthy or not. To make people continue to buy particular products, the strategy is very often:

  1. To insert ingredients that are addictive such as white wheat and sugars
  2. To misinform the consumer through misleading labelling and commercials, whose goal is to brainwash the consumer into holding particular concepts about life style and individual branding that can make her or him buy a product continuously

It is important to keep these basic facts in mind, while starting to make conscious choices about which foods to eat. As a conscious energy sex practitioner, you want to support yourself and your beloved in the most optimal way. As we support ourselves in this way, we will start to feel increased vitality within ourselves, and we will begin to establish our natural self-healing abilities.

Negative effects of industrialised foods

So what can the consequences of eating without awareness be? In fact, they can be quite severe, but we often only experience it directly, when we get sick. There are a number of diseases today that are closely connected to life style and eating habits, for instance diabetes 2. There are, however, numerous consequences that happen to the body long before the body shows symptoms that the doctor can measure. None the least because traditional western medical science does not keep awareness of the energetic parts of our bodies, or of the way this affects our emotional states, consciousness, and overall sense of being. So, before we move into the areas in which the doctor is able to give feedback, we can talk of a range of consequences that are relatively unknown, however, do occur, nevertheless.

Some of the consequences can be: numbness of the multi-sensory spectrum, general de-vitalisation, organ clogging, for instance in the liver, that then results in weakened liver cleansing, and less ability to detox the body. It can be a slow and malfunctioning digestion, which is very common today. Closure of the pineal gland, with less ability to receive inspiration, and blockages in the energetic communication system between intestines and brain, or in the full communicational connection between heart, brain and intestines. These mentioned symptoms might be effects in parts of us that we do not typically keep in focus, and have not learned much about. However, they represent genuine potentials, and parts of the bodily system of any human being. This means that some of our eating habits actually function to close potentials of ours so that we do not even become familiar with them. And it is those same potentials that we are working to activate in our sexual activity, while we practice energy oriented sex.

The body has multiple energetic systems that can be affected by heavy metals, toxins, and foods that inhibit our digestion and affect our immune system. Furthermore, there is a particular relationship between a given range of foods, and certain viruses and bacteria that thus affects the influence of these bacteria and viruses on the rest of the bodily system. Micro-levels of biology at the bacterial level are gaining more focus in medical science, starting with Giulia Enders, who wrote about it in a popular form, and there is an increasing awareness of their influence on the way the body is able to use and produce given vitamins, such as vitamin B12 for instance. It is obvious that the foods that we eat can either nourish a supporting micro-bacterial culture in our intestines and tummy, or they can do the opposite. Our food cravings can, in fact, be directly related to the bacterial culture in our intestines.

What should I eat?

The first part of moving into a healthy diet can actually take a while. It demands of you to orient yourself on labels and brands, and consult knowledge sources that can direct you towards insight in which chemicals, toxins, heavy metals and food make-up that you should avoid, and which strategy the different supermarkets place when it comes to healthy, living organic foods. You should make yourself aware of so-called no-go’s, which are then simply just not a part of your world any longer. You can be deeply pleased with this choice, and enjoy the richness of its effects, because, you know that you have made a choice to eat to support yourself; and to not degrade yourself in order to serve profit seeking businesses that forget to take the right knowledge and ethics into account. So, after you have made very clear to yourself, which foods are a part of your repertoire, the next step will be to pay close attention to the cravings and reactions of the body on the foods that you choose.

Many people think that diets are equal to sacrifice. In my personal life, moving into particular diets has formed a process that has been more and more fulfilling, until I, today, live a life of truly sensing and deeply enjoying every experience I have with food. The overall aesthetics of foods, then, becomes the connection between beautiful colours, tastes, healthy benefits, and good feelings all over the body. This experience is very close to the orgasmic experience, where all senses are open, receiving multiple pulses of pleasure in a variety of ways at the same time. So, although the energetic sexual experience can be taken wider than the single eating experience, there is definitely a connection between the sensory experiences of both. And they also have in common that they both nourish the body in vital ways. The benefits of the living foods are also that the energies of the sexual experiences become so much clearer, and integrate so many multi-sensory nuances into the experience. As the body is gradually becoming more and more cleared of blockages, and more and more supported by vital foods, the ability of the senses becomes much stronger, and the sensitivity of all body parts increases. Does this mean, however, that you need to be a vegetarian or a vegan?

It is very important to understand that in this area, as well as in most areas, there are some truths that are general, and some that are very individual. When it comes to the complexity of living a healthy life, there are some tendencies that are general for most people. At the same time, development happens at very individual scales. Furthermore, we are all born out of a particular nature, we are parts of an ecosystem that has its own characteristics, and that also affects us as body types in what is most beneficial for us when it comes to nourishment. Furthermore, the energies that we carry as individuals are also different. Then, again, for the individual there is a life span, in which the foods must necessarily be altered and adapted to the particular time and place of your current existence. And, none the least, sex and the hormonal balance, also play a central role in what we need in order to nourish ourselves. Therefore there is no single ideal diet as in one size fits all. The complexity of these elements, combined with the complexity of types of food available, makes it necessary for each person to make a choice of their own. Preferably in accordance with the sensations in the body. And for many it is a good idea to have an advisor, who is informed on the most healthy options available, and who has awareness of the complexity of the matter.

Do not, however, let yourself be scared by the fact that I write that the topic is complex. It is complex, when we think of it in general terms. But it is perfectly possible to gain more and more awareness and contact with one’s own body, thereby connecting the work with the sexual life force, shadow work, trauma- or blockage release with healthy eating habits.

Healthy eating as release

And let me emphasise again that this is not about sacrifice. The idea that diet has to be a sacrifice often comes from a social pattern of thought that says that the most enjoyable things to eat are the unhealthy ones, often such that clog our natural body consciousness (we don’t like vegetables, but we love burgers and hot dogs: foods with practically no nourishment). The promotion from pop-culture and fast food places that we find everywhere go for the lowest common denominator, like in airports and children’s menus in restaurants they are often the only option, and make people addicted to sugar and wheat and non-foods that enhance taste, color and looks, but carries toxics and non-nourishing content. As the industry has made a huge effort to make these ways of eating habitual parts of our cultures, it becomes the inner norm that soon becomes an unconscious habit that people act by, and constantly reinforce in each other.

While living on the basis of such habits, the idea of changing them comes to feel like giving up something that you are very attached to. It feels like these habits are a natural, and quite unchangeable part of reality almost. But the thing is: such habits are planted consciously by the food industry. And the industry was never on your side. The industry does not support you in making choices that can actually nourish your vitality potential. So what it is really all about, is the breaking of habits, and establishment of new ones. It is not at all about the move into sacrifice, less taste or less orgasmic food experiences, since sacrifice is merely an idea. And our ideas can always be changed, so that something else comes to feel natural. If you engage in bodywork, and become a conscious eater, in fact, you can expect life to be rich in healthy orgasms at multiple levels. In choosing consciously to break negative social constraints, life can more and more form as a truly invigorating experience. And who would say no to that?
Bon appetite.

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