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I am coming out as a human being,
with something that wants to
float through the heart,
and entangle rhythmic pounding beats
into new elastic string symphonies
It is just because my heart is forcing its way through
thousands of thin facade fragments
that crack like pupa skin
into a kaleidoscope of energy
that finds the narrowness of mental logic
too imprisoning

I’m coming out as an erotic being.
It’s not because I personify the golden ratio,
or subscribe to stiff Hollywood smiles.
And it is also not because
I have been pardoned with
other status tags
from pop culture
It is rather because
brute evolutionary force
presses its way through
blood filled supply lines, just as it pleases.
Leaving demanding injunctions
to fill up the limbs
by a will to move

I’m coming out as a human being,
through whom life seeks to unfold itself,
against silently embedded
streams of petrifying thoughts
about women, who are forced to pull upon themselves
masculine lust
like a piece of striped fabric
that sucks up viable kundalini tremblings.

I am coming out as a human being.
Dancing heavily over the cutout doll
that my culture asked me to express,
which colonialized inner juices,
with a metallically squeaking
flock of economic men,
and other of the one percent’s
subtle trickeries

…chains, lying there, gasping for breath,
in the insubstantial automatized twittering of thought,
and the wheat filled anti-vibrations of the DNA

I am coming out as a human being.
Jumping over categorically heavy obligations to the unemployment office
and its self-worth devouring croissants;
Moved into thousands of floating states of being.

I am coming out as a researcher,
into millions of cells
and the tuned games of
cranial nerves.
Like the cat beating around the fear,
I jump right into the middle of the branches,
dancing from my feet and up,
until I lose track
no longer able to discern
heaven from earth

It is not because,
I am participating in a talent show.
It is rather because the pressure of the organs
doesn’t give a damn about scheduled hours,
dried out intuitions,
or futile digital systematizations.

It is because,
as a human being,
I feel that I am you.
And I feel
that you are me.
And because the body, soul and spirit,
long to filter into
ecologically moving
of planetary whispers
Into our common ear

It is most of all because,
I love me,
just as I love you.
And because the force,
just wants us,
to throw ourselves
right into
the dance

About the Author
Kathrine Elizabeth Lorena Johansson

Kathrine Elizabeth Lorena Johansson


Kathrine Elizabeth Lorena Johansson is a writer, external lecturer, healer, and tantric. Education: pedagogue of Music and Movement, an MA degree in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication, PhD on human consciousness in a context of art, technology and science from the Planetary Collegium, Plymouth University, UK. The intellectual studies have been assisted by on-going in depth studies of healing, bodywork, medicine dance, tantra, nutrition, et.al. Youtube channel for creative expression: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrKlbfb2KCzB73hmrKk5GzA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu30zHmkb30&t=1s Homepage: www.unityhealing.org

La Scapigliata, painting by Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci.

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    Fabulous, it’s about time when woman can say who she truly is !!

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