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We give shape to our world.
Whatever appears
coheres. At sea in a featureless fog,

I am other than what I am
A dream figure refining its form,
map in hand, map in the mind,

through life long sleep,
through the soles and the palms,
the eyes and lips,

all along the spine
I sense sound I sound sense:
a, at the brow,

e, at the throat,
i, at the heart, o at the gut,
u at the sex

Deep in the dark,
the letters link in a language
that wakes me

As if barefoot on a cloud,
into the light… un-spared by the light,
clear minded when I rise,

enlivened wherever I go
I enter each day each world

About the Author
Wayne Amtzis

Wayne Amtzis

Poetry is my sadhana/ Meditation, my muse. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Photo by J. Peter, Schweiz

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